The Ultimate Facility Inspection and Management Checklist

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Building maintenance can be overwhelming especially for commercial spaces. Whether you manage a commercial building or other facilities, keeping a maintenance checklist can make building maintenance easier to track so you don’t miss a single important task. 

In this guide, we’ll provide you with building maintenance checklists that can apply to nearly all types of commercial facilities. Each season has its own challenges for building maintenance, and keeping a facility clean year-round is key to a long-standing building.

Spring Management Checklist

Spring presents a new season of dust as flowers start their pollination process, and nature livens up again after the harsh, cold winter. Allergies and hay fever are common indications that spring has arrived, and you’ll know it’s time to do some spring cleaning and maintenance on your commercial space!

  • Dust all furniture and fixtures daily. Use a vacuum cleaner to prevent the dust from spreading.
  • Inspect all HVAC ducts and airways (including air conditioning system) for dust build up.
  • Replace air filters as needed.
  • Use a power washer to remove dust from the facility exterior.
  •  Avail landscaping services for the garden as needed.
  • Water plants and mow grass beds.
  • Trim shrubs and plants for upkeep, and to minimize pollen spreading.
  • Use air purifiers to catch pollen, dust, and allergens before they glide around the facility.
  • Do a full spring cleaning of the facility at least twice a month, with general cleaning done daily to prevent dust settling and causing allergies or hay fever.
  • Vacuum flooring and carpets.
  • Use a wet vacuum to deep clean the carpet.
  • Mop floors daily.
  • Check air ducts for dirt once a week.
  • Wipe down surfaces with disinfectant daily.
  • Maintain a clean bathroom daily.
  • Wipe windows with glass cleaner at least twice a week.
office building with reflection of sun rays
Make it a clean-office summer all year round!

Summer Management Checklist

Something about summer screams vacation mode, but dust and dirt never take time off. Take advantage of this hot, dry season to check on outdoor areas and the overall exterior of your facility. Any part that can be washed should be washed, as summer is the perfect time to get some maintenance done!

  • Inspect the roof and manage roof work maintenance.
  • Check for broken or missing tiles and have these repaired.
  • Conduct a moisture survey, and find areas in the roof where leaks may happen during the wet season.
  • Check for debris build up in gutters and roof nooks. Clear away debris.
  • Apply water-resistant sealant to the roof to prevent leaks.
  • Inspect that ducts and outdoor AC units are working properly.
  • Outdoor drains and gutters should be cleared of any debris, and inspected for drainage capacity.
  • Do a general cleaning of the facility exterior using a power washer, or avail of cleaning services.
  • Keep garden beds moist to allow plants to thrive and prevent sand blowing into your building.
  • Inspect the water booster and circulation pump systems, and ensure they are in good working condition.
  • Do away with fire hazards by raking fallen leaves and plants daily. Ensure heat-sensitive materials are kept away from direct sunlight.
  • Hose down asphalt walkways and driveways to prevent cracks due to dry heat. 
  • Check the facility interior and exterior for signs of rust, rot, or any structural decay. Have these fixed by professional services.
  • Avail of pest control services to keep mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests away from your building.

Autumn Management Checklist

As the weather gets cooler, yellow and orange leaves dot the trees, falling to the ground nearby. Autumn inspection is a challenging task to do in the cold weather, especially with tons of debris flying about. For this season, we’re preparing our facilities for the icy-cold winter, so grab your gear and start your preventive maintenance checklist.

  • Rake fallen leaves and plants to prevent them from blowing into your facilities.
  • Prepare driveways for slow plows by marking them with stakes or reflective markers.
  • Inspect pipes, and deploy anti-freezing preventive measures to prevent the cold winter from freezing pipes.
  • Seal any cracks or spaces where snow may settle and freeze, causing the crack to enlarge. 
  • Inspect the heating system to ensure its good working condition for the upcoming winter months.
  • Seal off nooks and crannies where hibernating critters may seek shelter in your facilities.
  • Prepare your facilities for cold weather.
  • Interior: line furniture and fabrics with thicker material for warmth
  • Interior: Check heating system ducts, and install as needed.
  • Interior: Ensure glass windows and doors are kept dry, and avoid sudden temperature changes as this may crack the glass
  • Interior: Move low-light and heat-loving plants indoors to prevent from freezing. 
  • Exterior: Salt roads and exposed areas to prevent freezing.
  • Exterior: Do a final general cleaning of the exterior for facility management.

Winter Management Checklist

Winter is icy and wet, and those factors can cause a lot of problems in facility maintenance. If your facility is located in a snowy area, snow can cause damage to your facility due to temperature, moisture, and weight. Here’s a facility maintenance checklist for preventive maintenance during snowy weather.

  • Apply salt to walkways and driveways to melt ice, and prevent weather-related accidents.
  • Scrape snow off roofs and patios before they build up, as heavy snow can pose hazardous risks of falling onto visitors.
  • Inspect roofs for pockets where snow can build up, and fill up the pockets before the first snowfall.
  • Inspect for water damage, particularly in sensitive areas like windows, ceilings, and floors.
  • Inspect all electrical outlets and switches. Cut power to exposed, outdoor outlets when possible to prevent electrical shock.

For facilities that never get in touch with snow, preventive maintenance is still needed to protect the building from rain, cold temperatures, and general dust and dirt. Check this facility maintenance checklist for winter management

  • Check heaters and water tanks for maintenance.
  • Inspect electrical outlets and switches, particularly outdoor units. 
  • Inspect door hinges and windows for wear and tear or rust. Lubricate as needed.
  • Keep floors dry with constant mopping, particularly during rainy seasons.

General Maintenance Checklist

More than just building maintenance, your human resources need maintenance too over the seasons. Keep employees happy by providing them a safe and clean environment to work in. This will allow them to increase their productivity unhindered, and create an overall positive work environment.

  • Inspect all lighting and bulbs to ensure proper lighting around the office.
  • Keep the carbon monoxide detectors updated for safety and ensure they are working properly.
  • Ensure fire extinguishers and fire escapes are up to standards and usable in case of fire. 
  • Fire alarms and fire extinguishers should be inspected regularly by proper authorities.
  • Keep the building interior and building exterior clean at all times.
  • Provide sanitation stations complete with alcohol disinfectants and thermometer guns as per pandemic protocol.
  • Provide ample space between employees as per social distancing protocol.
  • Maintain a disinfecting schedule to sanitize the entire building.
1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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