The Ultimate Dental Office Cleaning Checklist

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For any practitioner or dental office administrator, staff and patient safety should be the number-one priority. A clean and organized dental office also helps patients feel safe, welcome and at ease, which is great for improving retention rates. To make your job easier, we’ve made a dental office cleaning checklist covering areas that require cleaning daily, weekly, and monthly.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

  1. Regularly Disinfect High Touch Areas - The more frequently equipment or furniture is touched, the more prone it is to breeding bacteria. To make sure industry sanitation standards are met, make sure to regularly clean these areas with an EPA-registered disinfectant:
    - Patient chairs, armrests and headrests
    - X-ray equipment
    - Keyboards, mice, phones and other electronics
    - Drawers, cabinets, and door handles
    - Light switches
    - Faucets and sinks
    - Reception desk
  2. Clean and Maintain the Bathroom - Restroom checks should be a regular part of your maintenance routine, as the cleanliness of your bathroom speaks volumes about your dental office’s attitude towards hygiene and patient care. Make sure that there’s always soap, toilet paper and paper towels available, and have a strict schedule for cleaning and disinfecting countertops, walls, and toilets.
  3. Organize the Reception Area - Because the reception area is the first thing patients usually see, be sure to always keep the area clean and uncluttered to create a welcoming and relaxing environment for anyone who walks in the clinic. Keep all furniture maintained, properly store away files, and neatly display magazines and other entertainment materials to create a good impression and help patients feel comfortable and secure.
  4. Dust All Surfaces - Dust, when left unattended, can cause respiratory issues and even carry illness-causing bacteria. Keep your office fresh by regularly dusting hard surfaces to prevent unwanted microbes from spreading in the air.
  5. Disinfect Every Corner - To ensure patient and practitioner safety, make sure every corner of the workplace is disinfected at least once daily. Remove and properly dispose of any debris, and disinfect properly to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and potential health-associated infections.
  6. Empty Waste Bins - Keep waste in the clinic to a minimum by regularly taking out the trash, making your workplace look and feel a lot more sanitary.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

  1. Mop All Hard Surface Floors - Depending on the amount of people frequenting the office, mopping the floor several times a week is necessary to get rid of dirt, sand, and other pollutants coming from outside.
  2. Vacuum All Carpeted Areas - Keep your carpets dust-free by adding regular vacuuming to your weekly cleaning checklist.
  3. Clean Windows and Other Glass Surfaces - Dust, dirt, and debris can not only cause damage to windows and glass surfaces, but also breed all kinds of bacteria. Prevent this by wiping your windows and other glass surfaces every few days.
  4. Dust Ceiling and All Surfaces Above Shoulder Level - Don’t forget the ceiling! Remove any dust from surfaces above shoulder level with a soft brush vacuum attachment or electrostatic mop.
  5. Clean and Disinfect Trash Bins - The insides of your trash bins can harbor all sorts of harmful bacteria, and can only be removed by thorough cleaning. Be sure to rinse and sterilize your trash bins every couple of days, especially those in the same room with all your dental equipment.

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

  1. Check All Lights for Replacements - Depending on how many hours a day your lights are being used, be sure to check them once in a while and always keep replacements nearby to prevent disruptions in workflow.
  2. Clean and Disinfect Refrigerator - Build up of mold and spillage can be dangerous especially in a dental office setting. Be sure to give your fridge a thorough cleanse at least once a month for a safer workplace. Start by rinsing it with soapy water, and follow up with a solution of water and liquid bleach for an extra clean.
  3. Clean All Window Screens - Window screens are useful for protecting your workspace from outside contaminants, but if you aren’t cleaning them regularly, you’re exposing yourself to much more than dirt. All sorts of bio-matter can get lodged in between dirty screens, making it a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria.

    Clean your window screen by taking it out of the frame and scrub it gently with a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water. Use only soft-bristled brushes to prevent damaging the screen. Rinse, dry, and you’ve got yourself window screens that look as good as new.

The Importance of Dental Office Cleaning

A bright and clean dental office can usually give patients clues about your service and skills. Integrate these cleaning and disinfection tips in your dental office cleaning routine for an improved office appearance and better patient experience. 

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For a full list of cleaning checklists, check this page out.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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