How to Clean a Polyester Rug

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A clean, plush rug brings comfort to any room. Area rugs can make your living room or den look more homey, and provide a cushion to your otherwise hard flooring, and accents your room with a pop of colour. These can be made from various types of fibers: from natural wool to synthetic acrylic, and including polyester.

What is a Polyester Rug?

Polyester is a polymer that can be made from either natural or synthetic fibers. Most polyester fabrics are not biodegradable, although a select few naturally-made ones are. Polyester rugs come in both as plush rugs and shag rugs, and are found in a variety of colours. 

Cleaning a polyester rug is no easy task, as the rug tends to trap dirt and debris in its fibers, regardless whether they are natural or synthetic fibers. Shaggy polyester rugs, like wool rugs, are especially prone to attracting dirt particles due to its static properties.

How to Clean a Polyester Rug

1. Shake it Off

For area rugs and small rugs, a good way to remove dirt from the fibers is to shake it off. Take your rug to an outdoor area, or an area you can easily clean. Ideally, you should place the rug on a clothesline with the plush side facing outwards. Use a paddle or a brush to shake off debris and remove dirt. 

2. Vacuum Clean

Vacuuming your rugs may be the most convenient way of doing a daily cleaning on your polyester rugs. Simply disable the beater bar on your vacuum cleaner, and clean the entire rug as normal. Doing this as a daily routine helps prevent build up of dirt. For more thorough cleaning, you may use some cleaning implements:

Dry Method

Dry clean your rug using a vacuum cleaner and some commercial rug cleaning powder or baking soda. Sprinkle the cleaning powder or baking soda over your rug, and use a carpet brush to work the particles deep into the rug fibers. Use your dry vacuum to suck up excess powder as well as the dirt that comes along with it.

Wet and Dry Method

For deeper rug cleaning, use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to semi-wash your polyester rug. Create a mixture of laundry detergent and water, brush the solution into your rug, and use the wet function of your vacuum to suck up excess moisture and remove dirt.

3. Deep Clean

Washing Machine

If your area rugs are a manageable size, you may be able to wash them in the washing machine. Shake off any loose debris first, then toss your area rugs in your laundry machine half-filled with cold water. Use the recommended amount of laundry soap, and let the machine cycle in a cool setting. 

After cycling, replace the soapy water with clean water to rinse. Take your rugs out of the machine, and hang it on a clothesline to air dry. Avoid using the tumble dryer as this can distort the shape of your rug.

Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners work wonders for your polyester rugs in removing dirt, lifting stains, and deodorizing. You may purchase or rent a steam cleaner at your local cleaning service shop, which would typically come with a detergent or solution that works on polyester material. 

Steam cleaning a rug or carpet should be done with caution. Clear your rug or carpet from any possible obstructions, then follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to operate the steam cleaner with the carpet cleaning solution.

4. Spot Clean

For small stains, you may get away with spot cleaning your rug instead of a complete clean. To remove a stain, use a fabric-safe spot remover, or make your own using enough lemon juice and baking soda to form a paste. Let this paste sit on your area rugs, and brush it away once dried.

How to Care for And Maintain Your Polyester Rug

When properly maintained, your rugs and carpet can last for decades and provide you that fresh, comfortable feeling in your home. Rug maintenance is key in making these accents last, especially if your rug is in high traffic areas. Here are a few tips on maintaining your polyester rugs:

  • Blot away any stain that occurs on your rug immediately. Spot clean the stain if needed. 
  • Avoid abrasive brushing to prevent fiber falling out of your rugs. 
  • Wipe away spills before they stain.
  • Keep your rugs soft by using the dry clean method to fluff up the fibers.

When in doubt, a proper rug cleaning service will be able to maintain your rugs no matter what the material. At Luce SG, we are committed to bringing you the best service at your most convenient time. Contact us today and let's set a schedule that works for you!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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