2 Ways to Deep Clean Your Carpet

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For whatever reason, you might find yourself wanting to give your carpet a deep cleaning. Regularly cleaning your entire carpet is definitely a good practice to build, but you might be apprehensive about it, especially when you don't have a carpet cleaning machine or a steam cleaner.

But just because you don't have any equipment, doesn't mean that you can't deep clean your carpet. There are actually some great ways to do this without needing to spend on any carpet cleaning solution other than some common household items and ingredients.

Here's a step by step guide on how you can deep clean a carpet without any carpet cleaners.

How to Deep Clean Carpet with Distilled White Vinegar

Contrary to popular belief, a carpet doesn't need to go through a carpet cleaner or a steam clean to get the tough stains out of the carpet fibers, which is a good thing. Regardless of how you treat stains immediately as they come, you probably still won't have a clean carpet. 

Overtime, dust and dirt naturally get trapped in between the carpet fibers without your knowledge, which is why it's important to deep clean your carpets as much as you can.

Step 1: Prepare the Carpet

The first step you should always take to get clean carpets is spot cleaning stains with a cleaning solution made of either white vinegar, dish soap and warm water in a spray bottle. When all visible stains are gone, vacuum the area to get any loose dirt that may be hiding between the fibers.

It's important that there are no stained areas on your carpet because you could simply be pushing around any loose soil, while also worsening any existing stains.

Step 2: Make Your Cleaning Solution

You can actually make your own vinegar and water solution as an alternative to a commercial cleaning liquid. You just need to combine one part distilled white vinegar with three parts of cold water in a spray bottle. 

Depending on how big your carpet is, you may need to make more batches, especially when dealing with a wall to wall carpet.

Step 3: Spray the Solution

When dealing with deep cleanings, it's always best to divide the entire carpet up into a grid and work in small areas. You can then spray your vinegar solution onto the carpet until it's damp and leave it on for around 5 minutes so that it can break down any lingering dirt.

Step 4: Blot, Blot, Blot

After the 5 minutes have passed, grab a microfiber cloth or some paper towels and blot the area. For this step, it's best to keep a bucket of water handy in case you need to rinse out your cloth.

Once you've finished spraying and blotting the entire carpet, let the carpet air dry completely.

How to Deep Clean Carpet with Baking Soda and Table Salt

This is another method that you can opt to use in deep cleaning your carpet, and all you'll need are these two ingredients that you can find in your kitchen.

Step 1: Prepare the Carpet

As mentioned earlier, you should begin by spot treating any stains with a cleaning solution. You can also make your own by combining laundry detergent and some warm water in a spray bottle.

When all visible stains have been removed, vacuum the whole carpet to get any debris out like food chunks or pet hair.

Step 2: Make Your Cleaning Solution

You can start making your mixture. You can do this by combining equal parts of baking soda and table salt in a small bowl. You'll also need to pour some cold water into a spray bottle.

Step 3: Sprinkle Over the Stains

When you have your mixture and spray bottle ready, pour a generous amount of the mixture onto the carpet, making sure to divide the carpet up into a grid and work in small squares.

Afterwards, use your spray bottle to dampen the area with some water and get a carpet brush or a scrub brush to gently work the mixture deeper into your carpet. When doing this, remember to work in one direction and to not put too much force behind the motion as this may damage your carpet.

Step 4: Remove Dirt and Vacuum

After finishing the whole carpet, use a few old cloths to remove any dirt that may have come off and leave the carpet to dry.

Once the carpet is completely dry, vacuum slowly across the carpet to get the remaining traces of the baking soda and salt mixture left.

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Regular Cleanings

As mentioned at the start of this article, regularly cleaning your carpet is a great habit to get into to ensure its overall hygiene. Whether this is weekly vacuuming or simply brushing it out, give your area rugs the tender love and care that they deserve.

Treat Stains Immediately

It's no surprise that another great way to ensure your carpet's cleanliness is to treat stained areas immediately. Not doing so will result in these stains clinging onto the carpet's fibers more and becoming more stubborn and harder to remove.

Blot and Don't Scrub

Another very common but useful tip is to never rub at stains in your carpet. Whether you're faced with pet accidents or a spilled drink, rubbing a stain in will only push these deeper into your carpet. Instead, you can either blot as much of the stain away or scrape at it with a dull knife before treating it with a cleaning solution.

There are so many cleaning methods that you can use to get a spotless house, but you may not have the time and energy to do it all. When you come home from a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is clean your home, but you no longer have to with Luce. 

Our carpet cleaning services in Singapore can take the load off of your to-do list so that you can spend your time doing the things that matter to you.

Send us a message and schedule a cleaning service appointment today!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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