3 Ways to Clean Human Waste from Carpet

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There are many things that can pose a danger to your luxurious carpet. Not only do you have to worry about food messes and spills, but you also have to think about the possibility of human waste soaking into your carpet's fibers, especially when you have a newborn baby in the house. This can be anything from human pee to vomit, and even blood on some occasions.

It might seem like a complete nightmare to come home and find pee stains all over your carpet, but it's not completely hopeless. Here's how you can rewind time and remove urine stains, vomit and blood splatters from your carpet and make it seem like it never happened in the first place.

How to Clean Human Urine from Carpet

Photo human cleaning carpet in the living room using vacuum cleaner at home

When you've just welcomed a new member to your family, there are bound to be some accidents, but nothing's worse than finding these accidents soaking into your carpet. You might want to give up the moment you find urine stains on your rug, but removing urine stains might be easier than you thought.

Thankfully, cleaning human urine is much quicker than removing pet urine like cat pee. Human pee, as well as dog pee, doesn't have much of a urine odor compared to cat pee because human urine is more diluted. This means that the bacteria in your rug also doesn't have a lot of urea to decompose, which would have given it that odiferous urine smell.

To prevent any permanent damage caused by urine stains, all you'll need is a stain remover, some baking soda, some white vinegar, dish soap, warm water, a spray bottle, and a clean cloth.

Step 1: Spray the Urine Stain with Stain Remover

First and foremost, you should soak up the urine stain with a clean cloth as soon as you notice it in your carpet.

To begin cleaning, you need to get your spray bottle of stain remover and begin liberally spraying the urine stain in your carpet. When it's been adequately soaked, get your damp cloth and begin blotting it up.

Remember that the first rule of removing stains from your carpet is to never rub. Rubbing will only push the stain deeper and make it harder to remove.

Step 2: Make Your Cleaning Solution

There are many cleaning solutions out there, but you can actually make your own by combining a cup of warm water, 1/3 cup of white vinegar, 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of dish soap into a spray bottle. Once everything has been added, give the bottle a good shake for good measure.

Step 3: Spray Urine Stain with Cleaning Solution

Once you have your solution ready, spray it onto the stain and leave the solution to soak for around 15 minutes. Afterwards, dab at the stain with a damp cloth to remove as much urine as possible before letting the solution dry

The stain should have been lifted at this point, but move onto the next step if you still see some residue.

Step 4: Hydrogen Peroxide

In case of stubborn stains, cover it with enough hydrogen peroxide and lay a cloth over it. Leave this to set overnight, but make sure that you test a relatively hidden area on your carpet to see if hydrogen peroxide will lighten your carpet's fibers.

How to Clean Human Vomit from Carpet

Photo balls on the floor near the carpet in the interior stylish background for designer

Vomit is yet another unavoidable reality when caring for an infant. If your bundle of joy does leave a mess on your carpet, don't panic. Here's how you can clean it right up.

Step 1: Remove As Much As You Can

When dealing with stains, time is of the essence and immediate action is required. As soon as you see the vomit stain, you should start scraping off as much as you can with a plastic spoon to lessen the amount that will soak in.

Step 2: Pull Out the Baking Soda

After getting off as much as you can, sprinkle some baking soda on the stain. The baking soda will absorb the remaining residue, while also eliminating the foul odor. This will take around 15 to 30 minutes, then you can vacuum it up.

Step 3: Make Your Cleaning Solution

You can do this by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of dish soap, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and a cup of warm water. 

Step 4: Soak and Dab

When you have your solution, spray a clean white cloth and gently dab it on the stain. Do this until the stain is gone and absorbed and feel free to switch to different sections of your cloth.

How to Clean Human Blood from Carpet

Photo dirty stain of spilled red wine on the carpet top view

These messes aren't just exclusive to babies. You might have accidentally cut yourself and spilled some blood onto your carpet, but don't worry because you can clean this up in a pinch.

Step 1: Prepare the Stain

As soon as the stain hits the carpet, try to blot off as much as you can with a cloth. If the stain has already dried, you can get a soft carpet brush and use it to break it up with soft and gentle strokes.

Step 2: Make Your Cleaning Solution

It’s as simple as combining a tablespoon of dish soap and 2 cups of cold water together in a spray bottle!

Step 3: Blot, Blot, Blot

When you’ve prepared your cleaning solution, dampen a clean cloth with your solution and blot the stain until it disappears. 

Step 4: Soak with Cold Water

When the stain is lifted, soak a cloth with cold water and sponge this onto the stain before blotting dry.

When raising a family, it's inevitable to run into a few accidents, but don't let the stress of cleaning ruin your happy memories. Luce is here to make a clean household simple and effortless, and our well-experienced home cleaners are here to take the chores out of your hands so that you can spend your time with your loved ones. 

Send us a message and schedule a cleaning appointment today!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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