3 Ways to Clean Ceiling Fans

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Unlike the chillier temperatures of an air conditioner, a ceiling fan is a great way to keep an ambient and cool breeze flowing through the room without making it too cold. However, the constant rotation of the ceiling fan blades makes it easy for them to collect anything from loose dust, debris, and other smaller particles.

Apart from having a dusty ceiling fan, it could also be covered with grease and other sticky substances over time depending on its placement in the room, which could make removing dust much harder.

It's important to handle a dirty ceiling fan as soon as possible not only to increase its performance efficiency and keep the air cool, but also to prevent it from dusting up the entire room. Here are a few ways that you can clean your ceiling fan:

How to Clean Ceiling Fans with a Duster

For those of you who are lucky enough to not have a lot of dirt and dust lingering around, a gentle dusting could be all you need to clean a ceiling fan. For this method, you'll need a feather duster—preferably one with a long handle—and an old sheet. 

Should you not have a long armed duster, you may use a regular duster, but you will need a sturdy step stool or a ladder to help you reach your fan. You can also wear a cloth or a face mask over your mouth and nose to keep any dust from entering.

To begin, lay out the sheet below your ceiling fan to catch any dust. If you're using a step stool or a ladder, this will also be the time to position it in the most optimal place beneath the fan.

With your duster, carefully dust the tops and bottoms of the fan blades and repeat until you've finished all the blades. Also give the rest of the ceiling fan a good dusting. Once you've finished, carefully take your sheet outside and shake off all the dust before washing it out.

How to Clean Ceiling Fans with a Pillow Case

An old pillowcase might just be what you need to clean your ceiling fan. Apart from usually being made with soft fabric, pillow cases are shaped in a way that makes them great for catching dust inside.

Apart from a clean pillowcase, you'll need a step stool or ladder, a dry microfiber cloth, some all-purpose cleaner, and some soapy water.

Should you want an alternative to the all-purpose cleaner, you can mix together equal parts of warm water and white vinegar.

After making sure that the ceiling is turned off, step on your step stool or ladder to reach the ceiling fan. With your old pillowcase, lightly coat the inside with your cleaner of choice. Trap one of the fan blades inside the pillowcase and gently drag the pillowcase outwards to wipe both sides of the fan blade thoroughly and trap any dust inside.

Repeat this until you've finished all the blades, but you can also use a microfiber cloth to give everything one final wipe and make sure that no buildup or dust remains.

How to Clean Ceiling Fans with Baby Wipes

Another way that you can clean a ceiling fan is to use a baby wipe. Due to its moisture, baby wipes are a great way to remove dust and grease from any surface, including ceiling fans.

You'll also be needing a sturdy step stool or ladder, a degreaser and an old sheet.

Once ready, place the old sheet on the floor beneath your ceiling fan and position your step stool or ladder to help you reach the ceiling fan more easily.

If there is no visible grease on the fan, grab your baby wipe and gently wipe the blades to remove any dirt or dust. If there is some grease, pour enough degreaser onto your baby wipe to dampen it and wipe down the ceiling fan's blades.

Make sure to take your time carefully scrubbing and wiping away any stubborn stains and grime. Once you've finished with the other blades, you can leave everything to air dry and throw away the baby wipes you used. You can carefully take the sheet outside and shake it out to make sure that it's dust free.

Additional Tips to Keep Clean

How to Clean Ceiling Fan Remote

An extra step that you can do is to also clean your ceiling fan remote if you have one. With how much you touch it, it might have already gathered a few germs and bacteria, and it could probably use a good cleaning.

To do this, you just need some regular rubbing alcohol, some cotton swabs and cotton rounds or any other dry cloth.

To start, you should pour enough rubbing alcohol onto your cotton round or cloth to dampen it and use this to gently wipe the remote. Make sure that you get into all the nooks and crannies as much as you can and that you also pay close attention to the buttons.

If there were some areas that you couldn't reach, grab your cotton swabs and use these to clean away any dirt and dust from around the buttons. Once you've dislodged every particle, leave the fan to air dry.

Staying Clean

It's better to regularly clean and prevent dust and grime from accumulating in the first place, but this is definitely easier said than done. With how hectic our daily lives can be, it might be hard to also squeeze in a day of thorough household cleaning, but it can be as easy as picking up your phone and calling Luce Home!

Our well-trained and experienced cleaning staff are more than ready to take cleaning off your to-do list so that all you have to do is walk into a newly refreshed home.

Call us and schedule your first cleaning appointment today!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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