How to Clean Wood Table

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Wooden tables are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture that can go anywhere in your home. From the living room or bedroom to even out by the garden, you can really place it anywhere and still have it looking amazing. There’s just something about a wooden table that makes a home feel more warm and comforting—but only if it's properly taken care of.

Here’s everything that you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your wooden table at home!

How to Clean Wooden Table

Regular Cleaning

You need to clean your wooden table as regularly as you clean the rest of your house as frequent cleanings really will make sure that the materials last. Integrate your wooden table into your regular cleaning routine easily because you really just need to dust it with either a feather duster, a damp cloth or a microfiber cloth.

Dust and dirt may seem harmless when found on your wooden table, but enough buildup of these particles can cause scratches over the surface and ruin the finish. You don’t really need any special cleaning solutions for this as wiping the table with a dry cloth is sufficient enough.

However, if you plan to use a cleaning solution, get one that is specialized for cleaning wood surfaces, and stay away from any special dust polishes that contain silicone because these can soak into and damage the wood.

Stain Removal

The porous nature of wood means that stains and spills can be permanent. Any spilled food or drink can sink into the wood fibers, making them almost impossible to take out. The first rule when facing any accident is to take immediate action before it has the chance to become a real problem.

When dealing with a stain on your wooden table, wipe down the entire table with a damp microfiber cloth to get as much of the dust, food particles and residue build up. The next step is to create your homemade cleaning solution by taking a bowl of warm water and adding two drops of liquid dish soap onto it. This solution will let you tackle any sticky areas that were left.

Test your cleaning solution over an inconspicuous area before using it over the entire table. Dip a microfiber cloth into the cleaning solution and gently rub over the stained area. Make sure that your cloth isn’t soaked with soapy water as you don’t want to oversaturate the wood. When the stain has been removed, dab a dry cloth over it and leave it to dry.

Wet Spots

A wooden table can be placed anywhere from your living room to your kitchen as a dining table. You might not notice the water rings left by your cups until it's too late and the water is already absorbed into the wood. However, you can remove these stains easily with a simple hack.

Combine an equal amount of white vinegar and olive oil in a container and dip a soft cloth into the mixture. When you bring the dampened cloth over the ring, make sure that you move in the direction of the gran rather than going against it. When the ring has faded, get a clean cloth and use it to dab around the area so that it absorbs all the remaining residue.

Tips to Maintain Your Wooden Table

Keep It Away from Heat

Whether it's direct sunlight or the radiator at your home, it’s important to keep your wooden table far away from any heat source as the rapid temperature fluctuations could actually damage the wood over time. From warping to the splitting of wood fibers, heat can damage your table over time, so it’s best to keep your wooden table in a consistently cool or shaded place.

Be Careful About the Humidity Levels

The porosity of wooden tables means that it can still absorb moisture, which is why you should make sure that you keep it in an area of your home with around 40% to 45% humidity levels. Keeping it in a place with too little moisture will lead it to crack and split, while keeping it in too much moisture would cause it to bulge and swell.

Clean After Every Use

While you should always take action the moment you spot a stain, it also doesn’t hurt to wipe the table down after every use. Prevention is better than a cure! Doing this can help you stop any pesky water rings from forming in the first place and it can also keep you aware of the table’s condition over time.

When in Doubt, Call Luce Home

Not everyone has the time or energy to deal with every household stain that comes their way, which is why Luce Home is here to help make household cleaning easy and effortless. Luce Home is dedicated to handling your stains and messes for you so that all you need to do is walk into your newly cleaned home at the end of every day.

Send us a message and schedule your first cleaning appointment today!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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