Complete Guide on Parts of an Air Conditioner

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To keep your air conditioner in good shape, it’s recommended by experts that you perform regular maintenance every 3 months. Familiarizing yourself with the basic air conditioner parts, and how an aircon works is important as it can help you detect any potential problem, and solve it with the help of an HVAC technician.

In this complete guide, we’ll walk you through the different air conditioner parts — from major parts and essential components all the way to add-ons and exterior panels that complete the AC experience.

The 3 Major Air Conditioner Parts

1. Aircon Compressor

The compressor plays a major role in the overall cooling system. The compressor processes gas refrigerant that circles through the inner components into a liquid, releasing heat into the outdoors in the process. The compressor should be checked and maintained every few months by a professional. DIY repair and maintenance isn’t advisable in this case.

2. Aircon Condenser

The condenser extracts heat from the interior of the unit, and pumps it outside. Made of hollow coils, this vital aircon part receives the refrigerant and allows it to enter the coil as part of the cooling process.

The moisture inside your aircon could react with the compressor coils and form a corrosive substance, which may eventually damage the condenser and other parts of your aircon. Technicians usually perform chemical cleaning to get rid of the corrosive acid. However, if the damage is substantial, they may ask you to replace some internal aircon parts. 

3. Aircon Evaporator

The evaporator is one of the air conditioner parts responsible for cooling the air in the room. The refrigerant, in liquid form, travels from the condenser into the evaporator to turn back into its gaseous state, absorbing heat from the air, and cooling the air in the process.

When the evaporator coil accumulates dirt, it begins to run slower and less efficiently, using more electricity. It’s important to clean the coils regularly with a vacuum cleaner. It would also be helpful to clean the aluminum fins with a soft brush—but be careful because the thin fins are prone to bending!

Minor Air Conditioner Parts

1. Expansion Valve

The expansion valve controls the quantity of liquid refrigerant entering the evaporator. This is a complex aircon part and will need to be checked regularly by a professional every few months.

2. Air Filter

The air conditioner filter is one of the important air conditioner parts, responsible for filtering or blocking out any dust, dirt, debris or harmful pathogens that can potentially enter your space through the air you breathe. You can DIY-maintain this part by washing the filters every month with water and a gentle detergent.

3. Thermostat

Thermostats are the sensors and control panels that allow you to set your desired temperature of the room. The air conditioner will continue to cool the air until the temperature reaches the desired level you’ve inputted on the thermostat. The sensor works by notifying the machine once the room temperature cools down to that level.

4. Muffler

As one of the most underrated aircon parts, the muffler controls the sound that the compressor creates while it’s working. The compressor makes a loud noise, which can be daunting. The muffler is important as it helps you enjoy the comfortable temperature in a silent environment.

5. Drain Pipes

The drainage system in an air conditioner is responsible for preventing all sorts of leakages, condensation and dripping from the machine. A high-quality aircon piping system is always recommended by experts to avoid any unnecessary breakdowns or leakages in the aircon unit.

6. PCB or Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Boards, or PCB, are normally found in both the indoor and outdoors units of air conditioners. This board is responsible for executing complex communication, data calculation and output operation within the unit. It communicates commands to the different air conditioner parts.

7. Aircon Capacitor

The capacitor is a small and compact electrical component inside an AC unit designed to store charge in an electrostatic field. It functions as a temporary storage device for electricity. The capacitor is used to stabilize voltage and start the motors in your cooling system.

8. Aircon Fan

The aircon fan consists of the fan motor and blower motor, which are responsible for producing proper air ventilation and regulation inside the aircon unit. The fan motor pumps heat out of the outdoor unit, while the blower motors deliver cool air through the indoor unit.

9. Ducted or Vented Air Conditioner Parts

AC vents are responsible for maintaining your home or office’s air pressure. These small openings or slits are made to enhance your aircon system and filter out dirt or debris that can make their way inside your space.

10. Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a liquid or gaseous compound that flows through the system, cooling the air as the coolant absorbs heat and provides refrigeration to air conditioners together with the main air conditioner parts.

11. Remote Control

The remote allows for convenient operations as the user may change settings, power on/off, or adjust the temperature from anywhere within the area of effect of the control board. It is one of the common air conditioner accessories that come with modern ACs.

Other Air Conditioner Parts and Important Information

When scouting for air conditioner services and repairs, it is essential to know information about your unit, such as the model number, brand, and more. These details can be found on your user's manual, which should have come with your unit when you first purchased it. Here's what your guide should tell you:

  • Air conditioner type
  • Model number, or stock number
  • Brand and model name
  • Error codes and troubleshooting
  • Repair guide
  • Customer service number
  • Company address
  • Registered trademarks

Make AC Cleaning Easy

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Find aircon services easily and conveniently, as we give you the best price for your unit! 

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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