Air Conditioning 101: What Does an AC Bracket Do?

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Air conditioners come in different types and models, with many mounted on the walls, outside windows, and through walls. Mounting hardware are also called air conditioner brackets, and these can be placed on the walls, or outside single, and double hung windows.

In this article, we'll see how an air conditioner support bracket secures the air conditioning units on walls and windows, and why they are important in keeping the air conditioner in place as you use the unit.

What Are Air Conditioner Brackets?

Air conditioner brackets are metal frames that sit on the wall or window, and are meant to support the weight of the air conditioner. These brackets are often found on wall-mounted units, window air conditioners, and on the outdoor units of mini split systems.

Window air conditioner brackets are made of strong metal, such as stainless steel, and are built to withstand the weight of the air conditioner. They sit on the window sill, and are secured to the window frame using screws. A window air conditioner support bracket should be installed with an outwards tilt to let condensate drip outdoors.

Other mounting hardware include AC brackets for wall-mounted systems. These are frames that hold the air conditioners up on the wall, securing them in place. Air conditioner support bracket kits are often included in the installation kit of your mini split systems, so you can properly install your air conditioner.

The Importance of an Air Conditioner Support Bracket

1. AC Support Bracket Secures Window Air Conditioner

All window-type air conditioners require a support bracket installed outside the window. These AC brackets are often drilled into the exterior wall, but some models may not require drilling at all. The air conditioner support bracket must be strong enough to hold the window unit through the wall, and would secure the unit as it sits precariously outside the window.

2. Mounts Air Conditioner for Better Airflow and Optimized Space

Wall-mounted units are mounted high up on walls for better airflow. While the height of the aircon installation is advantageous to air circulation and cooling efficiency, it requires a strong support bracket to hold the heavy air conditioner up on the wall.

Support brackets also allow homeowners to make use of the available wall space, without taking up much-needed floor space. Mounting brackets keep the air conditioner out of the way for day-to-day operations, especially in offices and retail stores.

3. Required in Air Conditioner Installations

Many modern air conditioning units require drilling AC brackets into the walls to hold the air conditioner up. With the exception of central, ceiling, and portable AC systems, air conditioners require brackets for safety, and for secure installations. Otherwise, homeowners risk having their air conditioners fall as the wall cannot support the weight.

Additionally, air conditioner installation technicians will not allow homeowners to install their AC units without support brackets for their own safety. If you have trouble setting up your air conditioner support bracket, contact a licensed HVAC professional at Luce Aircon to install the unit for you!

Diagnosing A Faulty AC Bracket

#1 Leaking Water Indoors

Window air conditioner support brackets should be installed with a slight tilt outwards. This directs the dripping condensate from the unit outdoors, instead of leaking indoors. If your window air conditioners are dripping condensate indoors, then chances are the AC brackets were improperly installed.

To fix this, you will need to have the air conditioner re-installed by a reputable air conditioning service company. At Luce Aircon, our technicians have seen their fair share of faulty aircon installations, and will gladly re-install your AC unit on your window sill!

#2 Uneven Mounting

Uneven mounting can cause stress on your air conditioner as gravity pulls down one side of the AC unit. While the force may not cause any malfunctions immediately, over time, uneven mounting can lead to problems like water leaks, air conditioner noises, as well as other potential issues with the AC components.

#3 Rusted, Bent, or Damaged Brackets

Brackets are meant to withstand both the weight of the unit, and damages due to external factors. This is especially true for window-type air conditioner brackets as these are constantly exposed to outdoor elements. Rusted brackets can give over time, which is potentially harmful as there is a risk of dropping your AC unit.

Brackets should not have cracks or dents in them, and they should not fold easily as well. If your new brackets have cracks in them, have the manufacturer replace the brackets according to their warranty policy. If your brackets are old and damaged due to wear and tear, consider having them replaced with new ones for your own safety.

Convenient Aircon Services in SG

From installations to maintenance, our technicians at Luce Aircon have the experience to provide you with top-quality AC services! Looking for a new bracket, or need help installing your AC unit? Our technicians can assist you every step of the way!

Contact us through email, or give us a call to experience convenient aircon services that will keep your unit up and running for decades!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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