35 Essential Things You Need in the Bedroom

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Your bedroom is your own space - you tend to customize it, and place your own personal style in the bedroom furniture that goes in it. It's no wonder that this is your most personal space in the house! In this bedroom essentials list, we'll check out the different furniture and fixtures you need to complete your bedroom! 

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35 Essential Things You Need in Your Bedroom

White linens
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Beds and Bedding

The bedroom is where you retreat for a good night's sleep, so the most important items you need are your beddings. It doesn't matter if you have a stylish bed, but always strive for comfort in your bedroom!

1) Bed Frame

The bed frame holds up your mattress, and lifts it off the ground.

2) Bed Sheets

Bed sheets prevent dust and dirt from getting directly on your mattress pad, pillows, blankets, and more.

3) Throw Blanket

A blanket keeps you warm during cold nights, and gives you that secure, cozy feeling.

4) Pillows

Pillows elevate your head, and cradle it while you sleep so you don't wake up with neck pain.

5) Mattress

Your mattress should be soft enough to be comfortable, but firm enough to provide you with support.

6) Pillow Cases

Keep your pillows clean with pillow cases that you can wash and replace every week.

Lamp on bedside table
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Bedside Essentials

Bedside tables provide a convenient storage and surface for you to place your items. Nowadays, we tend to place our phones, jewelry, and other daily things on our bedside right before sleeping. Here's what you should consider keeping by your bed:

1) Table Lamps or Bedside Lamps

These small lamps provide ample lighting for when you just need a quick read, or look for something in the dark. They can be electric or rechargeable, and can fit on any bedside table.

2) Alarm Clock

Whether you use your phone to alarm or not, nothing beats having an alarm clock! Besides, having a clock in your room lets you know the time at a glance without having to whip out your phone.

3) Bedside Table with Cabinets

The table gives you a place to put all these items, and is within arms reach of the bed for your convenience.

4) Study Table

A study table isn't just for school! This is the spot where you can study, work, read, or play games on your computer.

5) Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains help keep the cozy atmosphere of the room, but you can opt to go with light curtains for a brighter room.

Cabinets with potted plants
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Bedroom Storage Space

You can't just leave all your belongings around your room! Storage areas are there to organize your clothes, bedding, and other essentials.

1) Clothes Closet

Keep your clothes clean and neatly-pressed with a clothes closet. Avoid open concept closets as they cannot keep the dust out of your wardrobe.

2) Floating Shelves

A floating shelf above your bed is the perfect place for you to store your books after you've finished reading for the night.

3) Bookshelves

Similarly, a bookshelf helps organize your books - from academic to your favorite novels. This is a must-have for readers!

4) Cabinets

Cabinets help store your belongings. Bedside cabinets are for your most frequently-used items, while your socks and undergarments can go in separate storage cabinets.

5) Hangers and Organizing Baskets

To keep your wardrobe and cabinets neat, use organizing baskets, partitions, and hangers to store your things!

Woman putting on makeup
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The vanity area may not seem essential, but it is important for your appearance and how you present yourself.

1) Accent Chair

An accent chair gives a stylish flair to your vanity, and shows off a part of your personality as well.

2) Vanity Dresser

The vanity dresser is where you store your makeup, skin care products, lotions, jewellry, and more!

3) Mid or Full-length Mirror

A mirror would help you see your appearance before you head out - which is important for most meetings, jobs, and errands.

Modern white bed
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Bedroom Lighting

The trick to proper lighting is that the room should be well-illuminated during the day, and cozy at night! Consider multiple, but dimmed, light fixtures to maintain that calming atmosphere in your room.

1) Overhead Light

Overhead lights are perfect for bookworms who love reading before bed! They are also decorative and can be used to illuminate only certain areas in the bedroom.

2) Night Light

Small kids still afraid of the dark? Give them a nightlight that gives off just enough lighting to make the monsters go away, without being too bright that your little tykes can't sleep.

3) Floor Lamp

A standing lamp provides enough lighting to keep the room illuminated without being overly bright. Bedroom lamps often use daylight or natural-like light bulbs instead of white light.

4) Wall-fixed Light Source

Some people may prefer wall-fixed lighting instead, where they can control the lights using a centralized light switch by their beds.

Woman working with phone and laptop

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Appliances and Devices

Most of us probably can't live without our appliances and devices, and we even bring them into our bedrooms to work, relax, or for comfort! Here's what you need to keep in your room:

1) Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have become one of those bedroom essentials that are common in most rooms nowadays. Keep cool throughout the summer nights with an air conditioner installed in your room.

2) Smart Vacuum Cleaner

A smart vacuum is generally inexpensive, and assists you in your daily chores by cleaning up the dust that falls on your bedroom floor space.

3) Charging Ports

In the age of digital devices, charging ports are more important now than ever! Consider adding extension cords and USB charging ports in your room for convenience.

4) Laptop, Computer, and Chargers

Most people store their laptops and computers in their bedrooms, as these devices are now essential for our work and school.

5) Electric Fan

Fans, both standalone and ceiling, provide good airflow around the room without needing to use the air conditioner 24/7.

Woman reading in bed
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Add your own stylish flair with miscellaneous essentials that would truly make your space yours! While these items are not completely essential for all bedrooms, it is important to personalize your space to feel at home.

1) Reading Nook

Got a penchant for reading your favorite novels and stories? Consider adding a reading nook into your bedroom, complete with comfortable bean bag chairs, a sturdy bookshelf, and ample lighting so you can read long into the night.

2) Chaise Lounge

A handful of people enjoy having a lounge chair in their bedroom for relaxing and reading. Add a lounge chair instead of a couch for that mid-century European flair that gives your bedroom a renaissance look!

3) Skylight

The skylight offers ample natural light to get into your room. This is important for bedrooms that opt out of using artificial lighting, and offer energy-efficient lighting during the day.

4) Potted Plants

Potted plants aren't just for show - gardening is a safe and interesting hobby! Plus, the plants provide a higher concentration of oxygen into the room.

5) Wall Art

Decorate those boring bedroom walls with some tasteful wall art! You can find some prints from your favorite artists online, or try your hand at creating your own works of art.

6) Rugs

Rugs provide a soft, plush cushion to your feet, which is comfortable to walk on in contrast to the marble, stone, or hardwood floor you may have in your room. They are also decorative, and are easily washed unlike wall-to-wall carpeting.

7) Room Scents, Candles, and Essential Oil Diffusers

Room scents and candles are more for relaxing than anything. Aromatherapy can do wonders to ease our minds of the stress of everyday life. These would be helpful to have around your room while you relax!

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