LG Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

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Summary of LG AC Common Problems

Problem Possible Causes Solutions
AC Fan Won't Run Faulty fan blades or fan motor. Replace the faulty components as necessary.
Portable AC has Low Cooling Performance Weak unit cooling capacity for the size of the room. Increase the number of units in the room.
AC is Dripping Water Poor installation of a window AC unit. Re-install the unit to tilt outward.
AC Unit Won't Power On Tripped breaker; Failed compressor or capacitor. Contact a technician to diagnose and fix the issue.

Common Problems with the LG Air Conditioner

#1 Air Conditioner Fan Won't Run

If the air conditioner is running, but the fan and fan motor aren't, then you know it's time to have the motor replaced. In fact, the motor should have been replaced long before it stopped functioning, so it is important to have the AC repaired immediately through a repair service.

LG air conditioners are exceptionally durable, but can still run into problems with the fan and fan motor after continuous use. If you let the air conditioner run nonstop, then it will wear down its fan much faster. Regular aircon maintenance should catch the worn motor and replace it before it completely stops working.

#2 Portable Air Conditioner has Low Cooling Performance

Portable air conditioners are made to be convenient. However, they are not as cooling as window types or mini split air conditioners. If your portable air conditioner is blowing cold air, but is not sufficiently cooling the room, the problem is with the size of your unit.

Consider adding another portable air conditioner in the room, or move your AC unit to a smaller space where it can properly function. This will help you optimize the cooling capacity of your LG air conditioners, and maintain a comfortable temperature setting within the room.

#3 Window Air Conditioner is Dripping Water

When a window air conditioner is dripping water, it is often due to poor installation. Improper installation would have the air conditioner tilting inwards instead of outwards, and the water collection tank will tend to drip water indoors instead of outdoors.

Reinstall your air conditioner. Have one of our experienced aircon technicians at Luce Aircon do the job for you, and you will have a guaranteed, properly-installed air conditioning unit that won't leak water all over your floors. You'll get that comfortable, cool feeling without the hassles of having to continuously drain the condensation!

#4 AC Unit Won't Power On

An air conditioner that won't power on rarely has an issue with its internal components, but would most likely have an electrical problem instead. Check the power supply of your AC unit. You may have a tripped breaker, in which case, you can simply flip the safety relay switch back into its original position.

However, if the problem is with your AC unit itself, troubleshooting this issue is not as simple. Your AC may have a failed capacitor or malfunctioning compressor, which will require extensive repairs that can be costly. Ask our technicians for the best prices in aircon repairs, and have your unit fixed properly!

How to Reset Your LG Air Conditioner

Reset Point: Power Cord

To reset your LG air conditioner, power off your AC unit, then unplug the power cord. Leave the unit unplugged for at least 15 seconds, then plug the unit back in. Press the power button to reset your unit, and your LG air conditioner should be up and running smoothly again. 

LG Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

#1 Clean the Drain Pan

Besides cleaning the air filter of your unit, clean the drain pan as well. The drain pan is what catches the condensate dripping through your unit, and cleaning this will prevent bacteria and mold from forming, as well as prevent water leaking into your home.

A dirty air filter and drain pan should be cleaned at least once every two weeks. They can be dismantled from your AC unit, and washed with soap and water. Leave air filters and drain pans out to dry before placing it back inside your unit.

#2 Go for Professional Cleaning and Maintenance

Professional cleaning and maintenance will upkeep your unit, ensuring that your AC provides the comfortable, cool air instead of hot air. These services will also keep your air conditioner clean, and reinforce any weak points to prevent them from becoming problems later on.

Luce Aircon is the best aircon cleaning services in Singapore for all your cooling system needs. Keep your LG air conditioner durable and in tip top condition longer, and schedule your routine cleaning and maintenance every 4-6 months for the best care!

Common Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
1 Indoor unit room temperature sensor error
2 Indoor unit inlet pipe sensor error
4 Float switch error (optional)
5 Communication error between indoor unit and outdoor units
6 Indoor unit outlet pipe sensor error
9 Indoor unit EPROM error
10 Indoor unit BLDC motor fan lock
12 Indoor unit middle pipe sensor error
21 DC Peak (IPM Fault); Compressor DC voltage was too high
22 Current Transformed (CT2) error; Alternating current (AC) input too high
23 DC Link Low Volt
25 AC Low/High Volt
26 DC Comp Position Error (not providing rotation), Locking
27 PSC Fault; Current to inverter compressor between AC and DC converter circuit too high
28 Inverter compressor DC voltage is too high
29 Inverter compressor amperage is too high
31 Current-to-current transformer (CT) thermistor is too low
32 Inverter Compressor Discharge Pipe (D-Pipe) Overheat
40 CT Sensor Error; Thermistor is disconnected or shorted out
41 D-Pipe Sensor INV is disconnected or shorted out
44 Outdoor Air Sensor is disconnected or shorted out
45 Middle thermistor of outdoor unit condenser coil is disconnected or shorted out
46 Outdoor unit suction line thermistor is disconnected or shorted out
48 Outdoor unit coil outlet (liquid line) thermistor is disconnected or shorted out
53 Communication failure from outdoor unit to indoor unit
60 Outdoor unit printed circuit board (PCB) EPROM check sum error
61 Outdoor unit condenser coil temperature is too high
62 Outdoor unit inverter compressor PCB heat sink temperature is too high
63 Condenser coil pipe thermistor temperature is too low
65 Heat sink thermistor has disconnected or has shorted out
67 Outdoor brushless direct current (BLDC) fan motor lock error
For a full list of error codes for LG air conditioners, click here!

Maintaining Your LG Air Conditioner

Maintaining your LG AC unit is made easy as our technicians will tackle the cleaning, diagnostics, and repairs for you! Don't fret the aircon issues, and get your cooling system up and running smoothly!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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