How to Clean Yarn Rugs

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Yarn rugs make for fun DIY projects and kids’ decorative items. They can also be bought and placed around rooms to accent the otherwise neutral decor. Yarn rugs come in a variety of colours, styles, and designs; but what do you do when the yarn starts losing its luster?

What are Yarn Rugs?

Yarn rugs are creative and colourful DIY rugs that can be made from any type of material, from wool to acrylic. Yarn rugs are often mistaken for shag rugs due to the fluffy design, but while yarn rugs are inexpensive, they are more delicate than most rug materials. Homemade yarn rugs are fun, but they offer less durability than commercial rugs. 

There are plenty of yarn rugs on the market, with most showcasing a wide variety of colours and styles. Yarn rugs make excellent additions to kids’ rooms, as they are inexpensive, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and are easy to clean.

How to Clean Yarn Rug

Cleaning your wool, acrylic, or cotton yarn rug is a delicate process that requires gentle handiwork. You can’t just scrub a yarn rug and hope for the best, you need to take into consideration the material of the yarn the rugs are made of, and clean the rug depending on the material’s requirements.

As a daily routine, vacuum the rug to remove any loose dust and dirt that may be lingering in the fibers. Yarn rugs have thick, loose fibers, which makes dirt easier to remove than plush material rugs. You may also take the rug outside, and use a rug beater to shake the dirt off. A daily cleaning routine can prevent grime build up and keep the colours of your rug intact.

Helpful Tip: When vacuum cleaning yarn material, make sure to remove the beater bar from the vacuum cleaner to avoid getting the fibers caught in the machinery.

1. Yarn Rug - Wool

A popular, but expensive, yarn rug material is wool. Wool is a natural fiber made from the fur of sheep, alpacas, and angora rabbits, and commonly used in wool carpet or clothing. The material is very durable, although wool fibers are not suitable for hot water washing. 

Use a wool-safe laundry detergent to hand wash your wool yarn rug. Avoid using hot water, and use a soft scrubber to gently brush the fibers. Loosely wring out the rug of moisture, and hang the rug to air dry. Once dried, use a pet comb to brush and untangle the rug fibers. 

A homemade solution of white vinegar and baking soda can easily remove any stains on your wool yarn rug.

  • Mix together enough white vinegar and baking soda to form a paste, and apply a generous amount of the mixture to the stained area.
  • Allow the paste to sit until dried, then spot clean or wash the rug as directed above to fully remove the stain.
Crochet yarn texture
Acrylic yarn comes in multiple colours and thickness.

2. Yarn Rug - Acrylic

Acrylic is the most common yarn material on the market, and is used in the majority of craft yarn. Acrylic is made from polymer, and does not work well with heat, so avoid using excessive heat in washing acrylic yarn rugs. However, acrylic yarns are less likely to shrink during the cleaning process, and are easier and cheaper to maintain than wool, cotton, or silk. 

  • Clean your acrylic yarn rugs with some mild laundry detergent. You can toss the rug in the laundry machine on a gentle cycle, then hang to air dry.
  • Alternatively, you may hand wash the acrylic yarn in cold water, and gently scrub the fibers to loosen the dirt. 
Black fiber yarn texture
Cotton yarn is derived from natural plant fibers.

3. Yarn Rug - Cotton

Cotton is a more forgiving material than wool, but provides the same plush softness. However, cotton yarn tends to shrink or expand depending on the temperature of the water. Cotton also retains moisture well, so drying may take a longer time than synthetic materials.

  • Wash your cotton yarn rug by hand, making sure to use gentle and light scrubbing motions.
  • Cotton yarn rugs can be placed in the tumble dryer, along with some dryer balls to keep the fibers fluffy.
  • For spot cleaning, you may use paper towels dampened with soap diluted in water to blot stains away.
Folded and stacked knitted rugs
Silk is luxurious and soft - perfect for comfortable yarn!

4. Yarn Rug - Silk

Silk yarn is a very soft and classy material that provides a cool touch. Silk can be made from natural or synthetic fibers, but is usually extracted from the pupa material of the silkworm. Silk is a very strong material, being able to withstand moderate scrubbing. Like wool, silk does not do well in heat, so best to clean this material in cold water

Contrary to popular belief, a silk yarn rug can be washed in a laundry machine. However, to keep its shape and to keep the yarn fibers from detaching, you will need to place the rug in a mesh bag. Toss the mesh bag with the silk yarn rug along with the rest of your laundry load, and let cycle in a cold setting.

Hang up the rug to air dry, by clipping the end of the rug to a clothesline and allowing the water to drip out of the dangling end. Wring out excess moisture when necessary.

Small potted plant on yarn rug
Prolong the life of your yarn accents with professional services.

How to Care for Yarn Rugs the Professional Way

With the proper care, a yarn rug can last for years on end. When in doubt, seek the help from professional carpet cleaning services in Singapore to properly clean your carpets. Professionals will know what type of cleaning solution and method to use for every type of material.

At Luce SG, we are well-versed in carpet cleaning all types of materials, styles, and designs. With decades of experience, you can trust our professional cleaning services Singapore can get the job done right. Contact us today via WhatsApp or our email, and we can find you a cleaning schedule that works with you!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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