How to Clean a Mirror and What to Clean It With

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When you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, the last thing you want is for dirty smudges, stains and unsightly streaks to obstruct your reflection. As overlooked and neglected as they may be, it’s still incredibly important to include your mirror in your regular cleaning routine as a dirty mirror can make the entire room look that much more unkempt. 

How to Clean a Mirror

Step 1: Prepare the Mirror

Before proceeding with cleaning, it’s crucial to remove as much of the dirt and debris as you can from the surface, and the severity of these may vary depending on where the mirror is located. Mirrors in hallways, living rooms and bedrooms may just need to be wiped down with a clean cloth to remove all traces of dust, but you might need to add a bit of rubbing alcohol for bathroom mirrors as they can have anything from hairspray to dried toothpaste stuck on it.

Step 2: Prepare Cleaning Solution

When it comes to choosing the right cleaning solution for your mirror, you actually have a few options to choose from:

Commercial Glass Cleaner

If you’re looking for a quick and easy cleaning solution, picking a good quality commercial glass cleaner from your local supermarket will always be a good idea. Take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions printed on the back label as this may contain valuable information regarding instructions of use, precautions and more. When using a commercial cleaner, make sure to always test this on a small inconspicuous part of the mirror first.

White Vinegar and Cornstarch

You can mix together an easy mirror cleaning solution with just a few household ingredients. In an empty spray bottle, combine half a cup of water, half a cup of white vinegar and a tablespoon of cornstarch before mixing everything together.

Dish Soap

For another easy-to-make cleaning solution, you can always fill an empty spray bottle with some warm water before adding in a few drops of dishwashing liquid into the mix.

Step 3: Clean Mirror

With your cleaning solution ready, spray this onto the mirror and begin carefully wiping the entire surface with a microfiber cloth. When wiping, start from the top and make sure to bring the cloth from one edge to another to ensure that every part of it has been cleaned. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth in hand, you can always just use some crumpled up newspaper or a sponge, and spray as much cleaning solution as needed until the mirror is left spotless.

If there are traces of the cleaning solution left on your mirror, either buff these away with a dry microfiber cloth or use a squeegee to remove all excess moisture.

How to Keep Your Mirror Cleaner for Longer

Regular Cleaning

The most important thing you can do to keep your mirror clean is to incorporate it into your regular household cleaning. It doesn’t even have to be difficult as you only have to remove any traces of dust with either a feather duster or a microfiber cloth. As inconsequential as that may sound, it can go a long way to keeping your mirror spotless in the long run.

Cleaning Up Messes Immediately

Another habit that you can build to keep your mirror sparkling clean is to remove any messes and stains as they come, especially when this mirror is hung inside your bathroom. That means cleaning up any toothpaste splatters, water droplets, hairspray and more as they come to prevent these from hardening and becoming more difficult to remove.

Quick Cleans

When you see some smudges starting to form in your reflection, it’s best to remove these as soon as possible to prevent them from growing and multiplying over time. You don’t exactly have to whip out the commercial glass cleaner for every smudge you see as some water is all you need for a quick mirror cleaning. Make sure to use a clean cloth when doing this, preferably a microfiber cloth as these won’t leave any nasty streaks behind.

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1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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