How to Clean a Wool Rug

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Wool rugs are the epitome of luxury in carpeting. These soft, natural fibers are organically sourced from sheep, alpacas, or angora rabbits. Wool rugs are durable, yet sensitive to most cleaning chemicals, so best to know the proper way of cleaning a wool rug. 

If you’re left wondering how to clean a wool rug, you’re not alone. The majority of homeowners who purchase woolen rugs for their homes forget to check for proper maintenance of the rug. Oftentimes, wool has been labelled as a high maintenance material; but knowing the proper care for wool can make its maintenance hassle-free!

What You’ll Need

If you’re at a loss on where to start to clean your wool rug, that’s alright. We’ll guide you through the proper process of cleaning your woolen rug so you can keep enjoying its luxurious softness. You’ll need a few household supplies to start:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Wool Care Carpet Shampoo (we recommend Puracy Natural Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo)
  • Powdered Carpet Refresher
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Neutral pH Laundry Detergent (choose one suitable for wool; we recommend Softly Wool Wash)
  • Lemon
  • Clean Spray Bottle
  • Funnel
  • Gloves
  • Clean Sponge or Cloth Towels or Paper Towels

How to Clean Wool Rugs

Cleaning carpets and rugs of any kind is a straightforward task. There are numerous ways to clean a rug at home, and most households already have the cleaning implements needed to tackle the chore. 

Wool rugs would need to be dry cleaned once a week, and deep cleaned at least every two months to ensure optimal sanitation.

1. Shake it Off

When possible, shake off excess dust and dirt from your wool rugs.

  • Take your rug outside and shake off any loose dirt particles.
  • Hang the rug with the rug pad side down, and use a rug beater to dust away particles easier.

This method may not deep clean your rug, but it can maintain its cleanliness by removing grime before it sets.

2. Vacuum Cleaning

The vacuum cleaner is a modern marvel that makes home-keeping a breeze. Utilize its cleaning abilities by using the appliance to remove dirt from your wool rug.

Dry Vacuum for Rug Refreshing

Vacuuming the rug is a good daily routine in keeping the cleanliness of your wool rug. Use the dry function of your vacuum cleaner, and go over the wool carpet or rug. Rugs tend to frizz from the beater bar, so make sure to remove this attachment from your vacuum cleaner before you start using it on your rug. 

Refresh your wool rug using a powdered carpet refresher formulated for wool rug care.

  • Sprinkle the powder all over the entire rug, and gently rub the powder into the surface of the rug to completely get into the wool fibers.
  • Let the refresher sit to deodorize and fluff up your wool rug.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to remove excess carpet refresher.

Wet Vacuum for Deep Clean

If you have a wet and dry function in your vacuum cleaner, you can wash your wool rugs using a mild, carpet shampoo that is safe for wool. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on correct usage, then lightly brush your carpet with the soapy solution.

Use the wet function of your vacuum cleaner to suck up excess moisture. Depending on the brand of carpet shampoo you use, you may need to rinse the rug area with cold water and use the wet function to vacuum up the water from your wool rug. Let the rug fully dry before using.

3. Laundry Machine Method

Small rugs that fit in the laundry machine can be washed alongside other rugs or with your regular laundry load.

  • Use a mild, wool-care detergent in place of your regular laundry detergent, and cycle the laundry machine on the most delicate setting and using cool water. 
  • After cycling, fill the machine with water to rinse.
  • Hang up the rug to air dry.
  • To speed up drying, layer a thick, dry towel on the fiber side of your wool rug, and roll it up until the towel soaks up excess moisture. You may repeat the process until the rug is no longer dripping with water.
Do not tumble dry as the movements of the dryer may dislodge the wool fibers, and cause the rug to get damaged. Avoid mixing of light and dark fabrics, as the wool material may get stained from dyes released by darker fabrics.

4. DIY Methods

Sometimes, the best way to do things right is to do them yourself! Wool may be durable, but the material is sensitive to harsh chemical cleaners and abrasive solutions. Going the DIY route ensures that you’re using ingredients that are not only safe for your wool rug, but for your family too!

Vinegar and Baking Soda as Stain Remover

A mix of white vinegar and baking soda makes a classic cleaning combination that is both safe and effective on most surfaces. Use the mix to spot clean your wool rugs, or as a stain remover to get rid of deep seated stains. 

  • Mix the baking soda and white vinegar well to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste liberally around the stained areas.
  • Let the paste dry, then use a soft sponge or towel to blot the powder away.
  • Brush away or vacuum any remaining powder.

You may need to apply more than one layer of the paste to get rid of larger stains.

Gentle Detergent Solution for Regular Cleaning

No access to wool-safe carpet shampoo? No worries! Make your own using a few tablespoons of mild, neutral pH laundry detergent mixed in a liter of cold water. Use the soapy solution normally, like you would any carpet shampoo, then vacuum the rug using the wet function of your vacuum cleaner, or hang the rug to air dry. 

Alternatively, you may use the same solution for spot cleaning. Just dip a clean sponge in the solution and use it to blot light to moderate stains on the rug. 

Lemon Spray for Deodorizing and Refreshing

A lemon spray works well to get rid of odours in your wool rug, while leaving a refreshing lemon scent.

  • Simply cut open a lemon, and juice half of it.
  • Pour the lemon juice into a spray bottle using a funnel, then top off with water until full.
  • Give the bottle a good shake to mix everything well.
  • Use the spray around your wool rug to deodorize any smells that may be coming from the carpet.
Alternatively, you may add a couple of teaspoons of baking soda to the solution to add an extra boost in deodorizing and refreshing.

How to Keep Wool Rugs Clean

Wool rugs cause static, and thus catch a multitude of dirt in its fibers. Keep your rug clean by maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule, and utilizing proper methods in cleaning your wool rug. Your rug should look neat, feel soft, and last for decades!

Keep your rugs clean using the following maintenance methods:

  • Use a lint roller to remove shed fibers and dust from your rug.
  • Wipe away spills from your rug immediately.
  • Do not use any steam cleaning methods or hot water to clean your rug. Heat can destroy the fabric and cause the fibers to deteriorate.
  • Vacuum your rug daily to get rid of any dust.
  • Do not place your outside shoes on the rug to prevent bringing in dirt, bacteria, and viruses from outside.
  • Use only soft cleaning implements when cleaning wool. A soft sponge, towel, or paper towels work best to remove stains.
  • Prevent excess moisture from settling on your rug to avoid the growth of mold and mildew.

Overall, wool care is not a difficult task once you know how to properly maintain the material. Keeping your wool rugs clean and undamaged can greatly increase its lifespan, providing you with the luxury and comfort of the soft, plush fabric. 

If you’re still in doubt of the proper ways to clean your rug, then you may benefit from professional carpet cleaning services.

Call the Professionals

One of the best ways to keep your wool rug clean is to seek out the professionals. Professional carpet and rug cleaning services can get your rug looking as clean as when you brought it home. Professional cleaning services will be able to use their industrial quality cleaning implements to deep clean every inch of your home, including wool carpets.

Professionals will also know how to properly clean and care for your rug, regardless of what material it is made from. Wool rugs pose no challenge for professionals to clean, and they will often know how to make the material last longer as well.

At Luce SG, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service to all our clients. Contact us today via WhatsApp, or fill out the form on our website with your full details, and we can discuss a schedule that works for you!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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