End of Lease Cleaning Tips for Office

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As with any rental property, owners often require occupants to pay a deposit upfront. This deposit may range in price, with some spaces requiring as much as three months' worth of rent for the deposit!

The deposit is a fail-safe for property managers and owners, ensuring that the rental property is kept clean and in good condition. Thus, it is on the occupants to make sure that there are no damages done to the space, and that the space is kept cleaner at the end of lease than it was at the start. Get your deposit back, and keep a clean space with these 10 lease cleaning tips!

Tips for Office End of Lease Clean Out

1. Have a Lease Cleaning Checklist

Creating a lease cleaning checklist will help you keep track of the areas or furniture that you need to clean or repair before the end of lease. This way, you won't miss a single inch of the office, and you can make sure to get your deposit back for the space as you leave it cleaner than it was before you moved in.

A lease cleaning checklist should include items or fixtures for repair, a detailed list of cleaning supplies you need to purchase, as well as areas that require deep cleaning, painting, or similar specialty services. Even if you're hiring lease cleaning services, it is helpful to keep a checklist on hand to keep track of the progress.

2. Fill in Small Holes

Fill in small holes in the wall with putty or spackle. There are small, single-use wall spackles that can be used to fix up holes from picture frames, logo mounts, and air conditioning mounts. Fix up holes, and let the spackle fully dry before sealing it with paint.

3. Remove Furniture

Remove furniture before deep cleaning the office as these will just get in the way of cleaning. If you're hiring a cleaning company for lease cleaning services, you should inform them of the furniture beforehand, so you can discuss whether the company can deal with moving the furniture, or if you will need to hire movers for them.

4. Keep Valuables Out of the Office

Keep valuables out of the office. On one hand, keeping valuables in sight when strangers are coming in to clean the space is not practical. On the other hand, valuables can be easily damaged by cleaning solutions, accidental spills, or can be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. Best to keep these out of the office.

The same goes for important documents and papers that your office may need. Keep these in a secure location outside of the office being cleaned to prevent them from getting wet, damaged, or dirtied.

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5. Have Repairs Done Before Cleaning

Before lease cleaning, jobs that require repairs, renovations, or will otherwise create construction messes should be already done. This makes sense, as you wouldn't want to do messy repairs after you've already cleaned the office, especially if you're getting a lease cleaning service, which can be costly.

6. Clean from Top-Down

Start the cleaning from the uppermost fixtures: the ceiling, lights, air conditioners, etc., then work your way to the floors. This way, any dust or debris that falls off of high spaces can be cleaned up later on as you clean from the top, making your way downwards. Lease cleaners often do this to clean the space efficiently.

7. Deep Clean Appliances

Depending on your area, you may need to deep clean any appliances that came with the space. This goes for the kitchen appliances, the air conditioners, the fridge, and bathroom fixtures as well. If getting cleaning services, you will have to inform them beforehand to deep clean these appliances at the end of lease cleaning.

8. Wash the Carpeting

One of the tasks on your list of end of lease cleaning should be shampooing the carpets. Use a carpet cleaner, and start removing as much grime and dust from the carpets, or have the carpets washed professionally.

9. Unclog Bathrooms and Kitchen Sinks

If you have any clogged pipes, have these fixed before you do your end of lease cleaning. Otherwise, you may have to forfeit your security deposit if you leave toilets or sinks clogged. Hire professionals for this as unclogging pipes may be challenging.

10. Hire a Lease Cleaning Company

The best way to accomplish your end of lease cleaning is to avail cleaning services from a reputable company. At Luce Office, we have decades of experience in cleaning different commercial property spaces, and we can tackle the task for you!

Get a Cleaning Service

End of lease cleaning is unlike regular cleaning. End of lease cleaning ensures that the space looks and feels new again, and prepares the space for the new tenant. Unlike regular cleaning, where professional cleaners simply wipe or scrub away the grime, office end of lease cleaners will fix up broken areas, wash furniture and carpets, and do deep cleaning.

It is always better to leave it to the professionals, especially if you're after the security deposit. Hire end of lease cleaners at Luce SG - we'll be sure to get your deposit back! 

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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