Best Ways to Clean Your Ceilings

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Though not exactly the first thing you notice when you walk into a room, clean ceilings still contribute to the overall ambience of a room. However, as they are an inconspicuous area, you would think that maintaining clean ceilings would be easy, but you would be surprised how easily ceiling stains can accumulate.

Apart from that, any ceiling fixtures like ceiling fans or light fixtures could have also gathered some dust and dirt that you may not have even noticed. This comes from all the dust and other messes that get stirred up around your home.

Cleaning ceilings might seem like an impossible task, but here are some cleaning tips and tricks on how to clean ceiling stains.

How to Clean Your Ceiling

Step 1: Do a Preliminary Dust of Your Ceiling

After making sure that any ceiling fan is turned off, you should get your feather duster and give your ceiling a dusting to remove cobwebs and other solid debris that may be lingering. You can also get a damp microfiber cloth or microfiber mop and run this over your ceiling, or even a long handled duster to help you with your ceiling's height.

As you are cleaning, make sure that you actively clean your tools as you go to prevent them from adding more dirt to your ceiling. This includes removing any dirt or cobwebs gathered in your feather duster and wringing and rinsing out microfiber cloths.

Step 2: Know What Ceiling You Have

Now that you've dusted, you might feel like you're ready to attack all the stubborn stains clinging onto your ceiling, but it's important to know what kind of ceiling you have first. This will dictate how you should proceed.

Painted Ceilings

Painted ceilings don't require as high of maintenance as their decoration actually protects it from any light damage.

Textured Ceilings or Popcorn Ceilings

Textured ceilings or popcorn ceilings were very popular in homes built around the 18th century as they covered a lot of different flaws. However, you should clean with caution when faced with a ceiling like this as there may be white asbestos fibers in them. These ceilings can also attract and retain a lot of dust and make stubborn stains harder to remove.

With this additional health hazard being a possibility, you can always wear some protective gear like safety goggles, face masks, cleaning gloves and more to protect yourself. 

Step 3: Start Cleaning

Painted Ceilings

When cleaning painted ceilings, it's pretty straight forward. All you'll need is a good cleaning solution to get started.

While you can use a mild detergent as a cleaning solution, you can also mix up your own by combining a cup of warm water, two tablespoons of white vinegar and four drops of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. This DIY cleaning solution is a great non-toxic alternative that will surely not leave any stains or residue in your ceilings.

Once you have your spray bottle in hand, you'll want to lightly spray a small area before going over it with a damp microfiber mop to prevent any soap residue. Keep doing this until you complete the entire space, but make sure to regularly rinse out your mop to avoid leaving any streaks. 

Feel free to repeat this as much as needed to remove stains, and leave it to dry once you're finished.

Textured Ceiling or Popcorn Ceiling

Unlike painted ceilings, textured or popcorn ceilings can't handle being sprayed with a cleaning solution as they don't have the extra layer of protection that painted ceilings do. It's important that you don't deep clean your ceilings with anything that is dripping wet or damp as the moisture will cause the popcorn texture to come off.

To clean a popcorn ceiling safely, you'll want to get a clean paint roller and slowly roll this over your entire ceiling to get any dust and dirt. Make sure to work in overlapping strokes and to regularly remove any dirt and fallen popcorn as needed. 

Feel free to switch out rollers if needed. Once you're done with that, get the soft brush attachment or microfiber attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove cobwebs and dirt around ceiling fans.

While these are some great steps to follow when you want to give your ceiling a good refresh, there are just some stains that are too stubborn to be removed easily. Here are some additional tips and tricks you can follow to handle these different stains.

Additional Tips To Keep a Ceiling Clean

How to Remove Water Stains From Ceiling

Water stains on ceiling usually come from leaked or cracked house roofing, so when it rains the water drops to the ceiling and causes stains. To remove water stains from your ceiling, simply fill a spray bottle with some white vinegar and spray this onto the stain. Let the vinegar sit for a few hours until it has fully absorbed and grab a clean cloth to damp the area and remove any residue. You can also use a sponge or a clean cloth to dab the vinegar on should a spray bottle seem too messy.

How to Clean Grease Stains

To clean grease stains from your ceiling, you'll have to make a paste with three tablespoons of baking soda and a cup of warm water. Afterwards, massage this mixture into the stain and gently scrub at it with a nylon scrubber until the grease stain disappears. Finally, grab a damp rag and wipe the area clean.

While it's all well and good to deep clean your ceiling as needed, the best way to keep your ceiling clean is to address any stained area as soon as they appear. Not only will this prevent any stains from becoming permanent, but it's also a good practice to develop. 

Apart from that, you should get into the habit of dusting your ceilings regularly to keep your room feeling open and welcoming.

When you're at home, it's inevitable to not run into a few messy accidents. Whether it's an explosion in the kitchen or accidental stains suddenly appearing, keeping a clean household might seem like an impossible task, but Luce Home is here to make it seem easy and effortless!

Our experienced house cleaners will have you believing that your home had never been messy in the first place.

Send us a message and schedule your first cleaning appointment today!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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