The Different Types of Carpets

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The right carpeting can make your home feel cozy, and luxurious. A carpet can complete your living space, bedroom, or den. However, not all carpets are made the same, and it is important to know which type of carpet best suits your home. 

Nowadays, we have multiple types of carpets available for you to choose from for your aesthetics. Ranging from natural fibres to synthetic, the type of carpet depends on your usage, lifestyle, and the climate of your area.

The Different Types of Carpet

Not sure which type is right for you? 

Here are the 8 common types of carpets that you may come across while shopping for your home — along with the pros and cons and the type of rooms each carpet would be most suitable in.


close up image of nylon material

One of the most common options is nylon. A synthetic fibre, nylon is incredibly durable, and can withstand wear and tear well. Most nylon carpets are relatively affordable, and come in different colours and styles. When properly maintained, nylon carpets can last for generations.


PROS: Nylon carpets are relatively inexpensive, and can withstand heavy usage from everyday activities. It is resilient to matting from the pressure of daily walking, and is less prone to attract natural fibre-eating pests. Nylon carpets also tend to hold their shape well over time, even with temperature changes. Nylon carpeting is the most popular choice, so it is easy to find, and comes in a variety of styles. 

CONS: Nylon carpets are prone to staining from spills, dirt, and general aging, making it a difficult material to clean. Nylon also produces a lot of static, which can be tamed using anti-static sprays.

SUITABLE FOR: Playroom, Living Room, Bedroom, Child’s Room, Stairs


olefin carpets

Olefin makes an excellent choice for areas where dampness is a persistent issue. Resistant to mold and mildew, this synthetic fibre was made for utility over comfort.


PROS: Olefin carpets are great for areas that have a lot of moisture, like outdoor areas, as the material dries quickly. Olefin is resistant to stains and fading, and presents itself as an inexpensive option for carpeting in humid climates. For areas that are prone to mold, olefin carpeting is a perfect choice as it prevents mold. Olefin is also great in dry climates, as it does not produce static.

CONS: However, olefin can weaken from usage, so it is better suited for low-traffic and low-activity areas. Olefin was not made for comfort unlike other options, making it a tough choice for bedrooms and other relaxing areas. 

SUITABLE FOR: Outdoors, Basements, Bathroom Rugs, Pet Areas


Another synthetic material, polyester competes with nylon in terms of common usage, colours, and variety of styles. Polyester has the best ability to dye well, and is fade-resistant. Made from PET, the material is a budget-friendly option for homes, offices, and more.


PROS: Polyester carpets are easy and inexpensive to install. It is favoured for its vibrancy, and the ability to retain its colour for years. Polyester carpets have a soft feel, are hypoallergenic, and are stain resistant. Some polyester materials are made from recycled plastic bottles, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

CONS: Unlike nylon, polyester is not as durable, and can become matted when not maintained properly. Polyester carpets can flatten due to the weight of regular use, which makes it unsuitable for heavy-traffic areas. 

SUITABLE FOR: Bedrooms, Kids’ Rooms, Guest Rooms, Pet Areas, Den, Living Room


A cheaper, and more resilient option to wool is acrylic. Acrylic carpets are made from man-made synthetic fibres, which were modeled to look and feel like wool.


PROS: A cheaper alternative to wool, acrylic is known to be moth-resistant. Acrylic carpets are good for general use in and around the house, and are commonly used in upholstering many homes. Unlike wool, acrylic carpets are hypoallergenic, and are resistant to mold and mildew due to its synthetic properties. Acrylic is soft, and is great to use in kids’ rooms for plush carpeting.

CONS: Acrylic carpeting is not as durable as its natural counterpart. The material is prone to matting, and can get fuzzy over time. It is also not stain-resistant, and stains can accumulate when not cleaned properly. 

SUITABLE FOR: Bedrooms, Guest Rooms, Den, Kids’ Rooms, Living Room, Playrooms, General Areas


A natural fibre with luxurious look and feel, wool is a popular, albeit expensive, option for affluent spaces. Wool carpets can be made from sheep, alpacas, or angora rabbits, and can range in price based on the animal where the material is from, and the reputation of the company that supplies it.


PROS: Wool is a soft, warm fabric produced in renewable and environmentally friendly sources, as less energy is required to produce the material. Wool is also very durable, despite being a high-end product. The material is resistant to stains, keeps warm, and absorbs moisture quickly.

CONS: Wool carpeting is not a budget-friendly option, and while durable, is not suited for heavy usage. Wool is not hypoallergenic, making it an unfavourable choice for small children and for those with allergies. Cleaning wool carpets can pose a difficult task, particularly for grease and oil stains. Wool is also susceptible to pests such as moths and carpet beetles.

SUITABLE FOR:  Master Bedroom, Den, Guest Rooms


Triexta is a synthetic fibre that has become the popular carpeting choice for families with children and pets. Competing with nylon and polyester, triexta carpets are heavily durable, resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew.


PROS: Triexta is a softer, more durable option compared to nylon and polyester. Boasting a plush feel, while being completely stain resistant, and inexpensive. Some companies offer eco-friendly alternatives, made from renewable corn sugar or corn glucose. Like its synthetic competitors, triexta makes great carpeting for heavy-traffic areas, particularly for kids and pets.

CONS: Triexta carpets are difficult to clean due to their densely packed fibres. Depending on the style, triexta carpets have a wide range of prices, so not all options are budget-friendly.

SUITABLE FOR: Kids’ Rooms, Pet Areas, Stairs, Bedrooms, Guest Rooms, General Areas


Fibre or fiber carpets can be made from a variety of natural materials, like jute, sisal, and coir. The generic term for a tough, fibrous flooring, natural fiber carpets are made for a more natural feel and aesthetic.


PROS: Depending on its material, fiber carpets are tough and can withstand the weight of moderate use. As an eco-friendly option, fiber carpets have a robust, natural aesthetic, and are great for adorning outdoor areas, indoor gardens, and other natural-looking rooms.

CONS: Natural fiber carpets are prone to clumping, shedding, and can leave broken off fibres around. As an organic material, they are prone to mold and rotting when exposed to constant moisture. 

SUITABLE FOR:  Indoor Gardens, Living Room, Foyer


Like fiber carpets, yarn carpets can be made with a multitude of materials ranging from natural to synthetic. Yarn carpets feature fun, modern designs, and can be made at home as a crafting project that even kids can take part of.


PROS: Yarn rugs present fun, vibrant patterns in a multitude of designs. Tutorials are available online for DIY yarn rugs, as the materials needed are inexpensive, and the activity is great for crafty kids and adults alike. Small yarn rugs can easily be changed and customised often as well. 

CONS: Depending on the material and production, most yarn rugs are not very durable. Especially true for DIY and common acrylic yarn rugs, as they tend to be made from cheaper acrylic yarns, or low-grade wool yarns.

SUITABLE FOR:  Kids’ Rooms, Bedrooms

Choosing the Best Carpet Type for Your Home

With many options available on the market, it is important to assess your home to find the most suitable material and style for your home. Will there be kids using the room? Pets? Are you looking for durability or comfort? Different rooms can have different carpeting, so keep in mind what your goals for each room will be in choosing what kind of carpet best fits the room. 

1000+ Reviews
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