Sharp Portable Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

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Common Problems with the Sharp Portable Air Conditioner

Problem Possible Causes Solutions
AC is Turning On and Off Repeatedly Problems with internal components. Contact a technician to diagnose and fix your unit.
AC is Not Cooling Properly Insufficient cooling capacity. Add more units, or upgrade to a stronger unit.
Blinking Lights on AC Unit Error Code Identify the error code, and troubleshoot accordingly.
AC is Not Starting Power supply issues. Check for tripped circuit breakers, and flip the switch back.
Water Leakage from AC Clogged drain pipe. Clean the drain hose to unclog the unit.

#1 Sharp Air Conditioner is Turning On and Off Repeatedly

When an air conditioner repeatedly turns on and off, it undergoes an issue called short cycling. This often indicates an underlying problem with your unit, such as a magnetic or electrical interference, inlet and outlet vents obstructed by debris, or a dirty air filter causing weak air circulation around the unit.

You may also have issues with the circuit breaker device that has overloaded, or parts of your air conditioning system that has malfunctioned. In this case, it will be helpful to have our technicians at Luce Aircon check your unit for any possible issues with the internal components of your air conditioning system.

#2 Portable Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Properly

If your Sharp portable air conditioner is inadequately cooling the room, despite the AC unit set to its cooling mode, then your unit may simply be too small for the size of your room. The Sharp portable air conditioner has no outdoor unit, therefore it tends to recycle the air within the room, making the room feel warm and stuffy.

Move your air conditioner into a smaller room, then check the efficiency of the AC unit to cool a smaller area. Consider upgrading your Sharp air conditioner to a dual-hose model that acts as an indoor unit and outdoor unit combined. A dual-hose model can bring fresh air into the room, as well as cool the indoor air more efficiently than single-hose models.

#3 Blinking Lights on Air Conditioner

Blinking lights on select Sharp portable air conditioners may indicate problems such as a PFC temperature sensor error, or even a faulty capacitor. Your owner's manual would most likely have a list of error codes you can refer to for blinking or flashing lights on your unit. When in doubt, contact one of our Luce Aircon technicians to troubleshoot the problem for you!

#4 Portable AC not Starting

If your portable air conditioner is not starting at all, you may have issues with the power supply. Check for any busted fuses or tripped breakers, and check whether the power plug has been plugged into the electrical socket properly. Check for any smoke or burnt smells that may indicate overheating, and contact your Luce Aircon technician for an accurate diagnosis.

#5 Water Leakage from Portable AC Unit

If water is dripping from your portable air conditioner, you may have a problem with a clogged indoor unit drainage pipe. This drain line would typically run condensate to a drain pan, and can get clogged as it accumulates dirt, debris, and dust. The water leakage happens when the drain hose backs water up into the inlet and outlet vents, causing the leak.

Alternatively, you may have an AC with ice buildup that is thawing out, causing water to drip out of the unit. Condensation from the air outlet grill may start to drip off, leaking water out of the unit. Check each component one by one to determine the root cause of the water flowing out of your Sharp portable air conditioner.

Sharp Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

#1 Reset Your Air Conditioner

To reset your portable air conditioner, turn the unit off, wait 5 minutes, then turn it back on. This should reboot the system, and fix any glitch in the control panel. You may also press and hold the power button as you plug in your AC unit to run a utility test, but this is not always necessary. A quick reset may be able to fix most connectivity issues.

#2 Check Your Remote Control

Check your remote controller for any malfunctioning buttons, locked buttons (EE), or low batteries. These may be the cause of the problems you're experiencing with your unit, like a warm indoor temperature due to a miscommunication between a low-powered remote control, and the AC unit. Change the batteries if necessary.

#3 Contact a Reputable Aircon Servicing Company

When all else fails, give us a call at Luce Aircon for top of the line air conditioner services and maintenance for all aircons across varying models and brands! Our experienced technicians will be able to fix the problem for you, and help you maintain your portable AC in tip top condition.

Common Error Codes for Portable AC

Error Code Meaning
EE Control buttons are locked.
E0 Water pump error.
E1 High pressure protection of compressor initiated.
E2 Anti-freeze protection initiated for indoor unit.
E3 Low pressure protection of compressor initiated.
E4 Air discharge high-temperature protection of compressor initiated.
E5 Overload protection of compressor initiated.
E6 Transmit/connection malfunction
E8 Indoor fan protection activated.
E9 Water flow protection activated.
FF Connected control communications failure.
F0 Malfunction of indoor environment sensor at air return vent
F1 Evaporator sensor error.
F2 Condenser sensor error.
F3 Outdoor environment sensor error.
F4 Air discharge sensor error.
F5 Environment sensor error.
ee Malfunction of outdoor drive memory chip.
H3 Compressor overload switch activated.
H4 Overload protection activated.
U7 Malfunction of 4-way valve.
P6 Communication error between control panel and AC unit.

Maintaining Your Sharp Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are tricky to repair and clean, especially as the aircon type does not have an outdoor unit, an outdoor main control board, or an outdoor fan motor to check up on. Our technicians at Luce Aircon have had experiences in portable air conditioners like yours, and will be able to find and fix the cause of the problem for you!

Check out our article on Amana HVAC error codes!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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