Panasonic Air Conditioner Error Codes

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Panasonic air conditioners are hailed for their superior quality and durability for their price range, but your air conditioner may still encounter problems from time to time. Most of these problems can be solved by doing a couple of quick troubleshooting steps: turning the unit on and off, unplugging it from the socket, or just simply letting it rest for an hour or two.

The error code displayed on the remote control, indoor, or outdoor unit of your air conditioner indicates the problem with your unit. Always refer back to your owner's manual for troubleshooting steps, or check our Panasonic AC troubleshooting guide.

How to Get the Error Code Out of a Panasonic Split-type Air Conditioner

  1. Using the remote control, press and hold the check button for 5 seconds.
  2. Press and hold the timer button.
  3. Press the screen button to display the error code and power indicator light.
  4. Once the power and air conditioner lights start beeping, the error code will start to appear on the display of your remote control.
  5. To turn off the error code query mode, simply hold down the check button for 5 seconds.

Panasonic Fault Codes

Common Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
00H No Detected Abnormalities
11H Error of Data Line Between Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit
12H Other Power Error Between Outdoor Unit and Indoor Unit
14H Room Temperature Sensor Error
15H Compressor Discharge Temperature Sensor Error
16H Compressor Load Current is Too Low
19H Internal Fan Block Error
23H Chiller Temperature Sensor Error
25H Error E-Ion Circuit
27H Outdoor Temperature Sensor Error
28H Hot Rig Temperature Sensor Error
30H Compressor Output Temperature Sensor Error
33H Error Connecting Internal and External Blocks
38H Internal and External Block Error is Not Synchronized
58H Patrol Circuit Error
59H Eco Patrol Circuit Error
97H Error on the Outdoor Unit Fan
98H Indoor Unit Temperature is Too High (Heating Mode)
99H Chilled Temperature is Too Low (Freeze)
11F Cooling Mode / Heating Switch Error
90F Bost Booster Circuit Fault For Compressor Compressor Power Block
91F Compressor Load Line Error is Too Low
93F Compressor Rotation Speed Error
95F Hot Platform Temperature is Too High
96F Compressor Power Transistor Overheat (Ipm)
97F Compressor Temperature is Too High
98F Compressor Load is Too High
99F The DC Output to the Compressor is Too High
P05 AC Power Supply Trouble

Cooling Only Inverter Air Conditioner Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
F11 4-way valve switching abnormality
F17 Indoor standby units freezing abnormality
F90 Power factor correction (PFC) circuit protection
F91 Refrigeration cycle abnormality
F93 Compressor abnormal revolution
F94 Compressor discharge pressure overshoot protection
F95 Outdoor cooling high pie»»uie piuteUiun
F96 Power transistor module overheating protection
F97 Compressor overheating protection
F98 Total running current protection
F99 Outdoor direct current (DC) peak detection
H00 No memory of failure
H11 Indoor/outdoor abnormal communication
H12 Indoor unit capacity unmatched
H14 Indoor intake air temperature sensor abnormality
H15 Compressor temperature sensor abnormality
H16 Outdoor current transformer (CT) abnormality
H19 Indoor fan motor merchamsm lock
H23 Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor abnormality
H27 Outdoor air temperature sensor abnormality
H28 Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor 1 abnormality
H30 Outdoor discharge pipe temperature sensor abnormality
H32 Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor 2 abnormality
H33 Indoor / outdoor misconnection abnormality
H34 Outdoor heat sink temperature sensor abnormality
H36 Outdoor gas pipe temperature sensor abnormality
H37 Outdoor liquid pipe temperature sensor abnormality
H38 Indoor/Outdoor mismatch (brand code)
H39 Abnormal indoor operating unit or standby units
H41 Abnormal wiring or piping connection
H59 ECO patrol sensor abnormality
H64 Outdoor high pressure sensor abnormality
H97 Outdoor fan motor mechanism lock
H98 Indoor high pressure protection
H99 Indoor operating unit freeze protection

Eco-friendly Air Conditioner Line Error Codes (Uses Refrigerant R410A)

Error Code Meaning
E01 Remote Controller Reception Error
E02 Remote Controller Transmission Error
E03 Error in Indoor Unit Receiving Signal from Remote Controller (central)
E04 Error in Indoor Unit Receiving Signal from the Outdoor Unit
E05 Error in Indoor Unit Transmitting Signal to the Outdoor Unit
E06 Outdoor Unit Failed to Receive Serial Communication Signals from Indoor Unit
E07 Outdoor Unit Sending Failure to Indoor Unit
E08 Duplicate Indoor Unit Address Settings Error
E09 More Than One Remote Controller Set to Main Error
E12 Automatic Address Setting Start is Prohibited while Auto-address Setting in Progress.
E13 Error in Indoor Unit Transmitting Signal to Remote Controller
E14 Main Unit duplication in Simultaneous-operation Multi Control (detected outdoor unit)
E15 Automatic Address Alarm (capacity too low)
E16 Automatic Address Alarm (capacity too high)
E18 Faulty Communication in Group Control Wiring
E20 No Indoor Units Connected
F04 Compressor Discharge Temperature Sensor (TD) Trouble
F06 Inlet Temperature Sensor (C1) in Heat Exchanger Trouble
F07 Intermediate Temperature Sensor (C2) in Heat Exchanger Trouble
F08 Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor (TO) Trouble
F12 Compressor Inlet Suction Temperature Sensor (TS) Trouble
F31 Outdoor Unit Nonvolatile Memory (EEPROM) Trouble
H01 Primary (input) Overcurrent Detected
H02 PAM Trouble
H03 Primary Current CT Sensor (current sensor) Failure
H05 Sensor Failure. Compressor Discharge Temperature Sensor (TD) Disconnected
H31 HIC Trouble
L04 Outdoor Unit Address Duplication
L10 Outdoor Unit Capacity not Set
L13 Indoor Unit Type Setting Error
L18 4-way Valve Operation Failure
P03 Compressor Discharge Temperature Trouble
P04 High Pressure Trouble
P05 AC Power Supply Trouble
P13 Alarm Valve Open
P14 02 Sensor Detect
P15 Insufficient Gas Level Detected
P16 Compressor Overcurrent Trouble
P22 Outdoor Unit Fan Motor Trouble
P29 Lack of INV Compressor Wiring. INV Compressor Actuation Failure (including locked) due to DCCT Failure

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1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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