How to Clean and Maintain Onyx

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Onyx is considered a niche material for homes and offices due to its structural properties. It features a stunning pitch-black color that may or may not include white flecks, which is often compared to a night sky.

Onyx has various uses in architecture, interior design, and even in crystal therapy. Onyx was believed to have protective properties, clearing away bad Karma energy. Some homeowners would include onyx in their interiors to sway away bad omens from their homes, or to push for focus, protection, and willpower.

The protective beliefs that surround the stone increased the demand for onyx to be used as tiles, countertops, and decorative pieces. Sealed onyx can last for generations when properly cleaned, and while the stone is not as popular as marble and granite, onyx can be used in kitchen islands, backsplashes, and bathroom vanities.

Benefits of Onyx

Spiritual Properties

Onyx had long been known for its energy-cleansing properties, as the semi-precious stone is thought to be good for preventing bad Karma, as well as warding off any evil. Ancient civilizations believed that the darkness of onyx is attributed to the amount of negative energy trapped within the stone and that darker stones hold mysterious secrets.

This remains one of the most popular reasons behind the demand for Onyx. Today, onyx continues to uphold its reputation as a protective stone and is most popular among crystal therapy believers as they incorporate the stone in their homes and garments.


The best feature of onyx is its pitch-black background with a slight translucency that represents the night sky. Few natural stones can have the raven-colored hues of onyx, and the stone shows off a shiny brilliance on its surface as well.

Onyx has a smooth surface that is predominantly black, but may often have white banding or lightning strikes amidst the background. The stone is mainly composed of silica minerals like quartz, and can also come in shades of deep red. Red onyx is called sardonyx but is less famous than its black counterpart.

Onyx can also be treated to show shades of yellow, green, or brown instead. However, many jewelers would treat onyx to give off the dark, black color that is most remarkable for the stone. The silky, lustrous appearance of onyx is much desired, as the stone needs no polish to give off a smooth appearance.

How to Clean Onyx Surfaces

Regular Cleaning

Those of you who are simply looking to remove dust and dirt can just use a microfiber cloth to wipe the entire surface. This is more than enough to maintain the beauty of your onyx surfaces during your regular cleaning routine. You can also get a clean cloth and dampen this with water, making sure that it’s not dripping or oversaturated, before running this over the entire area, but make sure to get a clean cloth and dry it properly at the end.

Stain and Spill Removal

A delicate touch is required when cleaning onyx countertops and surfaces as the material has a relatively lower density and hardness compared to other stones. However, you can easily clean your onyx effectively without compromising its integrity with these steps!

Step 1: Prepare the Stained Area

When it comes to dealing with stains, it’s best to take immediate action to prevent anything from absorbing into the onyx. Get a clean cloth and blot away as much of the liquid, chunks, and residue as you can before proceeding.

Step 2: Prepare Your Cleaner

You can make a gentle and safe cleaning solution by combining warm water and a few drops of pH-neutral dishwashing soap in a small bowl or bucket. If you’re facing an oil-based stain, then you can add a bit of baking soda into the mix to help break everything down.

Step 3: Begin Wiping

With either a cloth or a sponge, dip this into your cleaning solution and squeeze out the excess liquid. You don’t want to expose your onyx surfaces to any unnecessary moisture as this can lead to issues, especially with the porous nature of the stone. With that, also avoid pouring your cleaning solution directly onto the onyx.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry

Once you’ve finished, dampen another cloth with water and use this to wipe over everything to ensure that there are no remnants of the cleaning solution left behind. To finish, dry everything off with one final clean and dry cloth.

Other Cleaning Tips

Avoid Too Much Exposure to Moisture

Because onyx is made of a porous, silica material, the stone tends to absorb water well. Avoid soaking the stone, especially when unsealed, or pouring any cleaning solution directly onto the material. As much as possible, use a dry but soft cloth to clean onyx items, and don’t expose it to any cleaning solution unless necessary.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners and Chemicals

Acidic solutions can dissolve onyx and cause etch marks on the surface, so stick to using mild soap to clean your onyx fixtures instead to prevent any damage to the overall appearance. With that being said, it’s also best to avoid using too much pressure or force when wiping down any onyx surface as this can inadvertently cause scratches or marks to appear.

When in Doubt, Call Luce

With its porous nature and much more delicate finish, there are so many things that go into keeping your onyx in the best shape possible. Fortunately, Luce’s professional cleaning services Singapore have also undergone years of training and are incredibly well-versed in the intricacies and unique needs of Onyx.

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1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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