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The York Company was founded in the year 1874 in York, Pennsylvania hence its name. They started out producing ice machines to locally produce ice. After that, their production of refrigeration began. In 1914, they created the “air washing” in Montgomery, Alabama that paved the way to the invention of modern air conditioning 10 years after.

The year 2006 was a monumental year for the company as it became part of Johnson Control. This investment has helped York increase the quality of their products even more when it comes to efficiency and design. Throughout the years, the company continues to supply products that are incomparable in the industry. York’s undeniable quality product is apparent until today and can be found installed in major establishments like the Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House, the English Channel and many more.

Popular York Aircon Models

York YXV Air Conditioner

  • This unit is certified with ENERGY STAR and a SEER of up to 20. This gives a powerful cooling function while saving energy cost. This leading quality ensures service with given premium warranty.
  • A quiet operation is observed due to its variable capacity compressor and Quiet Drive Technology that mutes out all vibrations. The compressor has an internal protector that will protect it from destructive pressures and extreme weathers
  • The Climate Set feature tunes the system between indoor and outdoor space set-up to improve efficiency.  The Charge Assurance allows the system to be installed easily in any compartments.

York DCPM Mini-Split Air Conditioner

  • This compact, trimmed-profile design is suitable to the tiniest rooms. The absence of ductwork makes it less bulky and more ergonomic.
  • This is certified with ENERGY STAR and a 22 SEER rating that reduces your cooling cost. Paired with the Turbo function, one can reach the desired temperature point at a faster rate.
  • This model takes good care even without human intervention. A built-in diagnostic system evaluates normal operation and automatically shuts it down when problems is detected. With its design, cleaning is easier and manageable.

York Duct-Free 18 SEER Single-Zone System P-Series

  • Energy is economically used in this unit through its Duct-Free Mini-Split system. An ENERGY STAR certification assures you with efficient cooling operation without high electricity cost.
  • With its design, installing this unit is easier and less costly. This resembles o the same wirings with all your home appliances therefore same wirings can be used.
  • This unit includes an outdoor system that helps deliver premium cooling inside an indoor space. To reciprocate the process, the indoor unit provides just the right amount of heat and cold air inside.

Popular Services for York Units

General Servicing

General servicing is a fundamental air conditioning maintenance that can save you both time and money when done regularly. It involves dismantling and cleaning the front panel, cover, and air filter to enhance air quality. The service also includes cleaning the vacuum evaporator coil for better airflow, vacuuming blower parts to eliminate dirt and mold, and clearing the drainage pipe of rust and bacteria. Additionally, the water tray is washed and vacuumed.

Chemical Wash

A chemical wash is a more detailed version of general servicing, perfect for air conditioners not serviced in 6-9 months. It uses a chemical solution to thoroughly clean the air filters, fan, and cooling coil. The blower is also dismantled and cleaned. Frequent aircon users should consider an annual chemical wash to remove accumulated dirt.

Chemical Overhaul

A chemical overhaul provides an even deeper cleaning than a chemical wash. In this service, the entire unit is dismantled, and parts such as drainage pipes, heat exchange coils, and blower wheels are meticulously cleaned. This service is best for those who haven't had their aircon serviced in over 9 months and are encountering issues like leaks or unusual noises.

Servicing Process for York

1. Open the Cover

Locate the front panel and carefully flip the cover upwards. As it is raised, find the two hooks that are on either sides of the panel. Pull both hooks to lock the front panels in place. Be gentle in puling those hooks as they are fragile.

2. Remove and Wash the Air Filter

As the filters are exposed, carefully release them from their docking case and release it at a slight angle upwards then away from the unit. Some York filters are fragile so make sure to read the manuals for proper direction of taking out the filters. It is best to contact the manufacturer before handling any of the filters inside. As this may destroy the membrane of some delicate filters.

York Filters should be inspected at least once a month. A clogged up unit will affect its cooling process and can be harmful to your health. As the filters are taken out, wash them with mild detergent and lukewarm water. Some units have disposable filters, so it is recommended to replace them according to the

3. Replace the Air Filter

Install the filters in the same direction as the air duct. Different types of York models have a way of installing these filters back into position so make sure to read the manual before executing the process. Make sure that no furniture’s or drapes obstructs the air flow and return air grilles as this will decrease cooling efficiency.

Why Choose Us?

Luce partners with York to provide excellent service

Being in the industry for so long, Luce has mastered the in and outs of this field. Our service goes out from the ordinary and that variable became an asset that sets us apart from the others. The longevity of our company is truly a reflection of the quality service that we give to the people.

We care about our customers

Just as how we take care of our own employees, we extend this compassion to everyone that we render service to. Placing ourselves in the customer’s situation is a way of realizing the purpose and importance of our work. Knowing how the health and comfort should be considered in a workplace or home would create a better environment for everybody.

Our have pleasing technicians and staff

Our aircon servicing does not limit only to the efficiency of work, its speed and effectiveness. We always keep a smile in handling all the customers that we encounter. Giving you that calm and inviting atmosphere will improve work relationship. It is always a joy for us to be able to help you in whatever way possible.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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