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The brand name SHARP was coined by the founder himself Mr. Tokuji Hayakawa as to represent the management concept.  The company started in Japan with their invention of the snap belt buckle in 1912 and since then, Sharp has been the center of advancement in technology may it be in office equipment, industrial technologies and home Air conditioning.

It has come a long way of how Sharp’s technology on Air Conditioning have become. In 1958, the year when Sharp first marked the release of their original water-cooled air conditioner that utilizes ground water. Then it was in 1996 when the integration of cooling, heating, dehumidification, humidification and ventilation is added. Sharp developed the “Plasmacluster technology” in the year 2001, a feature to purify air. A lot of features have been added to the Air conditioning system in the succeeding years including dual-louver airflow control and plasmacluster Ion generator. The continuous innovations by Sharp lead its way to the indention of the brand to the many homes and establishments all over the world.

Popular Sharp Aircon Models

Premium Inverter AH-XP10/15UF

  • This unit has a temperature setting up to 14°C and 0.5°C setting with a 4-Way Auto Air Swing Feature. This is said to have the lowest temperature in the air conditioning industry.
  • Just like its predecessors, this features a Lock-On Sensor, Self-Cleaning Function, Long Airflow and a Coanda Airflow System to provide a proper directional control of airflow.
  • An Eco-Mode is available to reduce your costing in electricity in just two easy steps. This reduces the “full-power cooling” when it is not much needed.  As much as approximately 65% energy savings is guaranteed with this feature.

Standard Inverter AH-XS10/15UF

  • This variant has all the features of the Pemium Inverter Air conditioning except a few which are the 4-Way Auto Air Swing, Self-Cleaning Function and the Lock-On Sensor.
  • In a slightly smaller size than the Premium version, the standard inverter still possess the 14°C temperature setting technology, Long Airflow, Coanda Airflow System and an Eco-Mode for Energy Saving.

Window Type Aircon –Inverter Operation AF-x10/15/20SCF

  • This standard window type aircon features a LED Display for Functional Navigation and pairing it with a Remote Control for Wireless Operation.
  • This sports an Auto Swing Louver, Auto Restart Function and a timer/sleep feature.
  • The dimension of the Inverter Type Aircon varies from 12-18,16-24,23-24sq.m.

Popular Services for Sharp Units

General Servicing

General servicing is the fundamental maintenance for air conditioning units, crucial for saving both money and effort with regular upkeep. It involves disassembling and cleaning the front panel, cover, and air filter to enhance air quality. Additionally, it includes cleaning the vacuum evaporator coil for improved airflow, vacuuming blower parts to eliminate dirt and mold, and clearing the drainage pipe of rust and bacteria. The water tray is also washed and vacuumed.

Chemical Wash

A chemical wash offers a more thorough cleaning than general servicing, suitable for air conditioners not maintained for 6-9 months. It utilizes chemical solutions to clean the air filters, fan, and cooling coil, and involves dismantling and cleaning the blower. For frequent users, an annual chemical wash is recommended to remove accumulated dirt.

Chemical Overhaul

A chemical overhaul is a highly intensive service surpassing a chemical wash. It entails complete disassembly of the unit and thorough cleaning of components such as drainage pipes, heat exchange coils, and blower wheels. This service is ideal for units without maintenance for over 9 months and experiencing issues like leakage or unusual noises.

Servicing Process for Sharp

1. Open the Cover

For window type Sharp AC, you can easily pop the front panel by carefully grasping the two sides of the front with your two hands and pulling it towards you. For split-type AC, the front panel cover can be opened by rotating it upwards. Remove it by pulling it forward while holding the two sides of the panel. An amount of force should be done to be able to open the cover.

2. Remove and Wash the Air Filter

Window type filters can be found sticking at the back portion of the front panel when it is removed. Simply slide it away from the side to remove the filter. For split-type Sharp unit, removing the air filter can be done by simply pulling the air filter downwards in a direction away from the unit.

If visible dirt is found from the filter wash it with an ordinary detergent and rinsing it with clean water to drain any possible clogging inside. Do not use water that is too warm as it will cause it to deform and discolor. Use a soft cloth to enable to dry the filter. The filter should not be exposed to direct heat like the sunlight. Another way is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove tiny dirt adhering to unreachable areas.

3. Replace the Air Filter

Reinserting the filters is done by the opposite direction as to how it was removed. After that, the front panels are placed back by aligning it inserting the two lugs of the panels right into the slots then rotating it downward position. Push the sides and center portion of the panels to securely lock it in place. Do not operate the AC without the filters installed back after cleaning as this would cause damage.

Why Choose Us?

Luce’  familiarity with Sharp Technology over the years

Sharp technology has been one of the front-runners in the air conditioning industry and Luce Aircon parallels with that excellence. Our familiarity with the product has helped improved our service and nicked out all the problems we encountered from the past. From the countless services we have done for the throughout the years that increased our knowledge and expertise on solving problems that our customers have. There is not one that we cannot properly address to and solve.

Our technicians are top of the line

With the changing technology of the industry we never lose track of innovation and its changes. And just like the never ending evolution of technology, our technicians adapt very well to those changes. We have skillful service engineers and technicians that can cater to whatever the customer needs. Through our wide range of customers and varying work, our technicians have well met all possible troubleshooting to be learned and addressed to.

There’s nothing like a newly-cleaned AC for every home and office

It is always a joy coming home to a cold and clean environment especially after spending some time outside or at work. A clean and healthy environment leads to a productive work and is something that should not be taken for granted. Luce can provide just that and we are just a phone call away to give the best AC service that you deserve.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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