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Alongside the growing company of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. In Japan, Sanyo thrives to be one of Japan’s sought after electronics manufacturing company. Toshio Iue, the founder of Sanyo, initially started the company who produced bicycle lamp generators. ‘Sanyo’ literally means ‘three oceans’ which refers to the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

The post-Korean war was a time of marketing opportunity for Sanyo to expand and increase their product demands. The Japanese economy soon developed its economy in the mid-1950s and grew a demand of home appliances came about. Sanyo Co took that opportunity and had a great success with its products from air conditioners, washing machines, radio, etc.

Its success throughout the years was undeniable but the Japanese company eventually was purchased by Panasonic in the year 2009. This was due to the earthquake that struck in 2004 in Japan that made an irreparable damage to the company’s plant that resulted to net income loss. This makes Sanyo an owned subsidiary of the Panasonic Corporation.

Popular Sanyo Aircon Models

Sanyo SAP-KC12BPW3 1.5HP Split Wall Type Air Conditioner

  • This unit is powered by a microprocessor and controlled operation that you can program according to your preference. This can adjust the temperature according to your time set.
  • An Electronic Refrigerant Control Valve allows an efficient cooling system to set the temperature basing on the compression of space inside the room.
  • A Quiet mode will allow a continuous night sleep without hearing the buzzing sound of an ordinary AC unit. Its compressors efficiently power the cooling system while keeping the operation at a discreet sound.

Sanyo SAP-KRV22BP 2.5HP Inverter Wall Type Air Conditioner

  • This Sanyo unit promises its most versatile and efficient cooling and heating system.
  • This Inverter type unit utilizes the R-410a refrigerant and DC Inverter technology that allows an environmentally-safe cooling system while still offering a powerful cooling functions.
  • The Anti-Mold Filter will keep the AC unit from forming molds, bacteria and other harmful dirt from sticking into the system and can affect the health of the user.

Sanyo 0.5hp window type Air Conditioner

  • A window type aircon that is fit for the budget-conscious buyers and those who are looking for a cooling system that is easier to install inside a limited space.
  • With a cooling capacity of 6400kJ/H, this is already ideal for a small-spaced apartment and office area that can withstand the most erratic tropical weather.
  • This has an automatic fan operation and air sweep control to match your preference of its cooling operation.

Popular Services for Sanyo Units

General Servicing

General servicing is fundamental for maintaining air conditioning efficiency and reducing costs. It involves disassembling and cleaning the front panel, cover, and air filter to enhance air quality. Additionally, the vacuum evaporator coil is cleaned for optimal airflow, while the blower parts are vacuumed to remove dirt and mold. The service also includes clearing the drainage pipe of rust and bacteria, along with washing and vacuuming the water tray.

Chemical Wash

A chemical wash offers a thorough cleaning solution for air conditioners that haven't been serviced in 6-9 months. It uses chemicals to clean the air filters, fan, and cooling coil, with the blower also being dismantled and cleaned. Recommended annually for frequent aircon users to eliminate accumulated dirt.

Chemical Overhaul

An intensive procedure exceeding the chemical wash, the chemical overhaul involves dismantling the entire unit. It includes thorough cleaning of components such as drainage pipes, heat exchange coils, and blower wheels. Ideal for air conditioners that haven't been serviced in over 9 months and are experiencing issues like leaks or unusual noises.

Servicing Process for Sanyo

1. Open the Cover

Before trying to clean your Sanyo AC, make sure that it is powered off and it is unplugged from the power source to avoid injury. The split-type AC follows a quick raise flap on its front panels. Simply grab the either sides of the front panel and raise it upwards until you hear a click sound signaling it has positioned steadily upwards

2. Remove and Wash the Air Filter

The air filters for Sanyo AC have two sets of filters found just behind the front panels. This can be identified by its screened membrane panels positioned just in front covering the internals of the AC. This can easily be removed by unlocking it from its brails on the upper and lower sides and grabbing it away from the unit.

There are two ways to efficiently clean the large air filters for the Sanyo AC unit. First, if there is only minimal dirt found simply tap it with one hand in an open area. Another way is to use a vacuum to suck out the dirt found on the filters. Thirdly, if it is really difficult to remove the dirt, you can wash the filters with a running tap water and a detergent soap to soften some clogged dirt. Rinse it thoroughly and allow it to dry outside in a shady cool area. Take note that some of the Sanyo filters are very delicate so carefully wash the filters not to destroy the membrane.

3. Replace the Air Filter

Make sure that it has thoroughly dried out before putting the filter back into its place. The filters are placed back just as how they were removed. Position it on its brail to secure it from falling off and disrupting the cooling process. The two filters should all be in its place and not just either of them. This will destroy the unit if only one filter is positioned inside the system.

Why Choose Us?

Luce has upheld its credibility throughout the years

Just like the modern evolution of the Sanyo Company, we have also evolved in a way to meet the most critical needs of our customers. The reason that Luce Aircon has stand the test of time is because of its incomparable service that we offer. As a company, it is hard to maintain that standard but striving hard for its purpose of service is the driving force of the company. It is our duty to keep customers satisfied in the AC servicing that we provide for everybody.

Our service is worth your money

Luce fares very well when it comes to the service rates that are provided in the area and the country. We match up to those prices, and we believe that our services exceed what you paid for. It is a bargain for both the client and us to best serve each other’s best interest. You can easily determine the quality of service after you have tried it and can see for yourself that every penny is well worth-spent.

A clean and cool AC makes a great home

We also have our own families that we come home to after a whole day’s work and the convenience of coming home to a clean a cool AC unit is well-comforting. We picture that kind of scenario in every service that we provide. The family is the basic unit of society and we feel the responsibility to uphold that by providing clean air conditioning system to every household.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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