How to Service LG Aircons

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LG Electronics is a leading South Korean electronics brand known for its extensive lineup of home and kitchen appliances. As a global aircon brand, LG offers different air conditioning types with cutting-edge technology and modern designs. Some of the qualities that the aircon brand is known for include innovation, performance and servicing.

Popular LG Aircon Models


LG’s split aircon system lineup boasts impressive features such as the Plasmaster Ioniser Plus and ARTCOOL interchangeable panels. These split aircon units are highly recommended for small to large living or commercial spaces. Apart from these, the split units also have energy-efficient modes such as the Active Energy Control and Smart Control. These two can not only improve power consumption but also the convenience of overall machine efficiency.


LG Aircon’s cassette lineup consists of powerful ceiling air conditioner machines that make every commercial space cool, clean and comfortable at all times. Some of the features of these machines include the efficient turbo fan, interconnected group controls, anti-corrosive coating and easily adjustable vanes.


When it comes to Singapore’s favorite window air conditioners, LG has a couple of entries on the list. Perfect for both home and office owners, the brand’s lineup of window air conditioners are highly capable of providing optimum cooling and comfort without the steep price tag. Some of the features that come with these window aircon units include the 4-way air deflection, better airflow control, slide out chassis,  Anti-Bacterial filter and Anti-Rust Gold Fin Air Filter.

Popular Services for LG Units

General Servicing

We can conduct general service for all of LG’s major aircon types, from window to split to cassette and ceiling units. Our servicing for the brand includes cleaning the aircon filter, evaporator coil and fan blower roller. Our process also includes ridding the water tray of any liquid and wet-vacuuming the draining pipe to eliminate any chances of aircon chokes and leaking. We offer one-time cleaning services and recurring services that are especially designed to cater to your air conditioning needs.

Chemical Cleaning

We perform both chemical wash and chemical overhaul for all of LG’s major aircon types and units. Our chemical washing process includes cleaning all compartments of your LG aircon while they’re still on the wall or ceiling. However, for a more thorough type of chemical servicing, we recommend going for our chemical overhaul. We do this process by taking your LG aircon unit off the wall or ceiling and carefully cleaning its different parts that normally cannot be reached. All of our chemical solutions can help put a stop to bacterial and mould accumulation on your aircon for several months after the service.

Servicing Process for LG

1. Removing dust and mould

Over time, the cooling coil and filters of your LG aircon unit can collect harmful impurities such as dirt, dust and even mould. We make sure all these harmful particles are eliminated by conducting a thorough cleaning process. A clean cooling coil in an air conditioner also enhances the unit’s electrical efficiency, leading to lower energy consumption and electricity bills.

2. Disinfecting the drainage system

An aircon’s drainage system works by accumulating water that is suspended in the air while the air cools over the evaporator coil. Over time, dust and bacteria can start collecting in the drain system’s water, resulting in large scum particles that can potentially clog up the drain pipe and make the aircon leak. We clean and disinfect the water tray of your LG aircon and also clear the drainage pipe using our powerful vacuum machine.

3. Inspecting your LG aircon unit for faults

When we do our servicing, we conduct a close inspection of your machine’s internal parts to check for any issues. We also follow standard maintenance protocols to ensure all electrical connections are secure around the circuit board for optimum safety. Once servicing is done, we conduct a thorough examination of the discharge temperature and pressure of your LG aircon unit, as well as the level of refrigerant gas present in the compressor.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of technicians at Luce has decades of combined experience working on all types of LG air conditioners all across Singapore. Many aircon technicians in our team specialise in LG aircon maintenance, installation and repair, so we will be able to attend to any of your servicing requirements for your LG aircon system.

Luce provides a one-stop solution for all your LG aircon service and maintenance requirements. Our scope of service includes general servicing, chemical wash and overhaul services, diagnosis of issues and repair services. Call us or contact us on WhatsApp today to tell us about your concerns with your LG aircon unit, and we will arrange a specialist for you as soon as possible.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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