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Akira is a house brand of consumer electronics under the company First Omni Sdn Bhd which started out in the year 2000. Primarily, it was a subordinate of a multinational furniture and electrical manufacturer named TT International Ltd. This is considered to be one of the leading revenue-generating company overseas. FOSB’s central office is in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with a satellite office in Sarawak, distributing parts of East Malaysia.

Akira brand has now made a name for itself as it continues to manufacture products in more than 60 countries globally. This brand by TT International Ltd. distributes a wide range of electronic products like air-conditioners, freezers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, rice cooker, and many more.

FOSB over the years has maintained quality products and has gained the industry’s trust and reputation due to the quality standards they set within the company. They believe that building a strong relationship with clients paired with the companies teamwork will be the perfect formula for success.

Popular Akira Models

Akira AC-S24CG/NP

  • This 1HP Split-Type airconditioner packs in powerful air cooling function with a 9000BTY/H and a rapidcooling technology.
  • To protect the system and increase its durability, this employs a multi-layer dustproof filter net and an anti-mildew prevention that keeps moisture from the inside when not in use.
  • It has all the standard Air conditioning unit features like the sleep mode, auto swing, auto-restart and a remote control with all its functionality.

Akira ACP-91M 9000BTU Portable Air Con

  • The Akira portable air conditioning unit is perfect for providing air cooling system from one room to another. With its portable design and an Omni-directional caster, it is convenient to move around.
  • Expect a powerful performance with a 8,000-10,000 BTU can cool the space and a quality compressor giving you 5 years of warranty.
  • The branded compressor assures durability an efficient performance. It can also perform dry mode with dehumidifier just like any other air conditioning unit.

Akira Inverter Split System3 Aircon ( AC-S28CIM~3 x AC-S10LIV )

  • This Split System model promises to provide a cool, quiet and refreshing air cooling system for the entire family all day every day.
  • With the capacity of 28,000 BTU, this unit assures energy efficiency and a quiet smooth airflow during operation. A vertical and horizontal auto swing function allows an even distribution of air flow throughout the entire room.
  • To protect the system from possible damage, the unit is built with a Refrigerant Leakage Detector that will alert the end-user of an error-code in the front panel when a leakage is detected. This will keep the compressor from overheating that will lead to damage.

Popular Services for Akira Units

General Servicing

General servicing is the most basic yet essential type of air conditioning maintenance, often saving you money and effort when done regularly. The process includes dismantling and cleaning the front panel, cover, and air filter to improve air quality. This service also cleans the vacuum evaporator coil for efficient airflow, vacuum blower parts to remove dirt and mold, and clear the drainage pipe of rust and bacteria. The water tray is also washed and vacuumed.

Chemical Wash

A chemical wash is a more thorough version of general servicing, ideal for air conditioners not serviced in over 6-9 months. It uses a chemical solution to clean the air filters, fan, and cooling coil. The blower is also dismantled and cleaned. For frequent aircon users, an annual chemical wash is recommended to remove accumulated dirt.

Chemical Overhaul

A chemical overhaul is even more intensive than a chemical wash. During this service, the entire unit is dismantled, and components like drainage pipes, heat exchange coils, and blower wheels are thoroughly cleaned. This service is ideal for those who haven't had servicing in over 9 months and are experiencing issues like leaking or strange noises.

Servicing Process for Akira

1. Open the Cover

Before opening the unit in a portable Akira aircon, certain procedure should be followed. A condensate is formed during the cooling process that is collected in a tank located at the lower portion of the unit, this should be periodically emptied. Turn the portable AC in fan mode for two hours to remove moisture. After it has dried up, the front panel can now be removed by unscrewing the back portion of the portable AC unit exposing the air filter.

2. Remove and Wash the Air Filter

The air filter can be easily removed by grasping the edges of the filter with both hands and detaching it from its position. Be very careful when handling the filters as some of the Akira models have a very delicate material.

Now, remove loose dirt that is visible on the filter. Gently tap the filter with your hands. Some models have a HEPA filter, this can be removed with the large air filter and is replaced every after few months of usage. For heavily clogged filters, this can be cleaned by rinsing it with running water or immersing it in a slightly warm water and a mild detergent. After it has been thoroughly washed, dry the filter in a cool shady place.

3. Replace the Air Filter

Re-attach the HEPA filter first before the large filter. Then position the large filter into the brails inside the unit. Make sure that both filters are placed according to their order as this would cause damage to the AC. Flip the back panel back into the unit then screw all edges back to securely close the unit.

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It is a fact that air conditioning units should be maintained regularly to keep its functionality at its peak. The consequences of not doing these will lead to harmful effects most especially concerning the human health. Just as how we value the health of our employees, Luce would like to do the same with other companies as well as all households. With the efficient service paired with the top-notch expertise that we have, rest assured the health of your families, employees and people in general will be taken care of.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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