How to Disinfect Your House After Covid

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Covid-19 has affected people globally, with nearly half a billion people infected at some point since the virus was discovered. The pandemic has yet to end, and we need to take precautions as the virus continues to affect millions of people worldwide.

Once you've gotten the virus, how do you ensure the safety of your home and workplaces? We know that disinfection is the key to combating the spread of the virus, but how exactly do we properly disinfect surfaces after an exposure to Covid-19?

In this article, we'll give you a definitive guide on disinfecting your home, office, and commercial spaces after a Covid-19 exposure. Take it easy with your recovery, but also take measures to prevent spreading the virus to others!

How to Clean and Disinfect After Recovering from COVID


Step 1: Take Note of Entire Area

All rooms and surfaces that the person who is sick has touched will need to be disinfected. Take note of all the areas where the sick person has been in, all the items they have used, or surfaces they've touched. This includes soft surfaces like bedding, as well as high touch surfaces like light switches, remote controls, and door handles.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

You will need a set of protective equipment when cleaning the area of the infected person. You will also need a set of strong cleaning and disinfection products to kill off the virus lingering on surfaces. Gather your materials first to prevent having to go back and forth for your cleaning chemicals. Here's what you'll need:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • Mask
  • Strong disinfectants like Rubbing Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Laundry basket
  • Laundry detergent
  • Trash bags

Step 3: Use a Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant

When dealing with the virus, you will need to handle visibly dirty surfaces immediately. Use a multi-purpose disinfectant to clean and sanitize surfaces at the same time. Wear gloves, a mask, and protective eyewear while cleaning, and start by wiping down all surfaces with a disinfecting solution.

Step 4: Gather the Dirty Laundry

Take all the pieces of dirty laundry, and place them in the laundry basket. Do not shake dirty laundry as doing so may spread the virus even more. Take the laundry to the washing machine, and start the soaking and wash cycle with a good amount of laundry detergent.

Step 5: Dispose of the Trash

You will need to pick up all the pieces of trash, and dispose of them in the proper manner. It may be easier for the infected person to compile all the disposable pieces into a trash bag to make it convenient for other household members to throw away the bag without threats of getting infected as well.

Step 6: Spray an Aerosol Disinfectant in the Air

Lastly, spray an aerosol disinfectant to remove traces of the virus in the air. Covid-19 is airborne, so taking this extra precaution should help prevent the spread of the virus further across your household. Ensure there is proper ventilation around the area as you clear the room of the virus.


Step 1: Close Down the Office for Disinfection

Employees don't typically stay overnight in the office, especially during sick days. Once you've gotten word that a coworker is out sick due to the coronavirus, then you will need to close down the office and send everyone home for observation and testing.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

Gather the materials you need. Since offices see their fair share of foot traffic daily, you will need strong disinfectants to start the cleaning process. You'll need:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • Mask
  • Strong disinfectants like Lysol, Clorox, or Hydrogen Peroxide

Step 3: Use Industrial Disinfection Products

Whenever possible, use industrial-grade or commercial-grade disinfectants to clean surfaces and ensure that all traces of the virus are completely gone. Professional disinfection companies use strong chemical cleaners for offices, which have an efficacy rate higher than those of common household cleaners (around 99.99%, compared to 99.9% for common cleaners).

Step 4: Wipe Down All Surfaces

Spray the disinfectant all over the office using a pressure sprayer, and manually clean surfaces, focusing on the areas where the sick person had been in. This includes communal areas, reception areas, and the personal desk of the sick person. Let the disinfectants air dry to completely kill the virus.

Commercial Space

Step 1: Block the Area for Disinfection

Commercial spaces are tricky to clean for two reasons: 1) they are open for public use, and 2) these include restaurants and medical spaces that require thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Step 2: Get Professional Disinfection Services

Because commercial spaces are often open to the public, it is essential to ensure the cleanliness of these areas. It is a good idea to get professional disinfection surfaces, which we offer at Luce Office.

With professional disinfection, you remove the guesswork of what areas to clean and disinfect, and which chemicals to use. Our cleaners will arrive at your commercial space geared up and ready to tackle the cleaning.

Step 3: Use Hospital Disinfectants Safely

For added disinfection, use a hospital-grade disinfectant that is sure to kill any harmful microbes lying about. There are currently 5 EPA-registered cleaners that are allowed for medical use: Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, Quaternary Ammonium, Hypochlorite, Phenolics, and Peracetic Acid. These disinfect surfaces up to 99.999% of microorganisms.

You will need to wear gloves as these chemicals may be corrosive to the skin.

Step 4: Wipe Down High-touch Areas

Be sure to give all high touch surfaces a good wipe down with a strong disinfectant. Use a disposable cloth to apply the disinfectant solutions to areas like light switches, doorknobs, escalator rails, handrails, and elevator buttons.

Step 5: Spray an Aerosol Disinfectant in the Air

Lastly, spray an aerosol disinfectant in the air to kill off any floating spores and virus particles still remaining. Ventilate the entire space to dissipate the virus.

How to Prevent the Spread of Germs

There are moments when we cannot prevent ourselves from getting sick, but we can prevent ourselves from spreading the virus to other people.

  • Wear personal protective equipment when handling any exposed item or surface.
  • Always wear a mask, even when outdoors.
  • Get your vaccinations.
  • Avoid gathering in large groups.
  • Stay away from people who are sick, even with simple coughs and colds.
  • Quarantine at the first onset of symptoms, or if you know you have been exposed to the virus.
  • Get yourself tested on the onset of symptoms, or if you know you have been exposed (wait 5 days from the last point of exposure for accurate results)
  • Have a routine cleaning schedule daily. 

For more information about our disinfection services, contact us today!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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