Fujitsu Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

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Common Problems with the Fujitsu Mini Split Air Conditioner

Problem Possible Causes Solutions
AC is Not Turning On AC is dirty; AC tripped circuit; Outdoor unit is overheating. Clean AC unit; Flip breaker; Cool AC unit, and keep the outdoor unit in the shade.
AC Lights are Flashing AC is displaying error code. Identify error code to troubleshoot.
AC is Leaking Water Refrigerant leak or Clogged condensate line. Clean the condensate hose; Contact a technician for refrigerant problems.

#1 Air Conditioner Not Turning On

  • Air Conditioner is Dirty: One reason your AC may not be powering on is that it is dirty. Dirty AC units can damage the internal components of your cooling system, and the AC unit will find it difficult to function when there's dust and debris everywhere. Some units may even halt operations due to a heavily clogged filter. Cleaning your indoor unit should fix the issue.
  • Air Conditioner Tripped a Circuit: Check your circuit breaker box for any faulty electrical wiring, or tripped breakers. Simply flip the switch back into its original position, and the issue should resolve itself. However, if your AC unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker, then you should have your unit checked by your local Fujitsu general contractor.
  • Outdoor Unit is Overheating: An overheating unit may suddenly power off, and may not turn back on even if you press the power button. Outdoor units are exposed to sunlight and heat, which can overload your cooling system. Keep your outdoor unit in the shade, and allow your mini split system (indoor unit and outdoor unit) to cool before powering it on again.

#2 Air Conditioner Lights are Flashing

Your Fujitsu indoor unit would normally have LED lights that may flash from time to time. Those flashing lights aren't problematic, but they indicate an underlying problem in your air conditioning system. Depending on the number and color of the flashing lights, you may have a small, fixable problem, or you may need to call one of our licensed technicians.

Count the number of flashing lights, as well as the the number of flashes during intervals, that your mini split indoor unit is transmitting. Cross-reference the flashing lights with your owner's manual, or check our error code list for more information. Follow the troubleshooting steps, and you will be able to fix your outdoor or indoor unit.

#3 Air Conditioner is Leaking Water

A refrigerant leak is a highly probable cause for your AC unit leaking water from the indoor unit. When your AC unit has a refrigerant leak, the coolant escapes quickly, freezing up the condensate around the air filter and evaporator coil. Your AC unit will fail to cool the air, thawing the ice, and causing the water to leak.

In addition to blowing hot air, leaking refrigerant can cause your unit to overheat, freeze up, smell, or make noises. All these may point towards a refrigerant leak. Have an aircon technician find and fix the leak for you, so you can go back to enjoying the cool breeze of your aircon without any worries!

Leaking water can also be a sign of a clogged condensate drain line. If your mini split is leaking condensate, clean the drain line to remove any obstructions, and remove the overflowing water from the drain pan. Disinfect the areas, and allow the pan to dry before placing it back into your mini split aircon.

How to Reset Your Fujitsu Air Conditioner

Reset Point: Reset Button

Most Fujitsu air conditioners, including the Fujitsu mini split air conditioner, would have a reset button located on the remote control. The button is labeled "Reset" or "ACL," and would typically require a pin to activate. Press and hold the reset button until the screen of the control board goes blank, and wait for the system to reboot.

Resetting your Fujitsu air conditioner would change all your custom settings to default, factory settings. This is to reboot the system, and wipe away any glitches or faults in your unit. However, issues with a dirty or clogged mini split must be dealt with manually.

Fujitsu Mini Split Troubleshooting Guide

#1 Check Your Owner's Manual for Your Mini Split

Check your owner's manual for troubleshooting guides. Make sure you're reading the correct manual for your aircon model, as different AC types would have different troubleshooting guides. The manual for your mini split AC would have different error codes and guides than central air conditioners.

Cross-reference the manual to identify the error code displayed on your AC unit, and follow the troubleshooting steps that follow. For central air conditioners, you may need to contact our experienced technicians to do the troubleshooting for you, but you may be able to troubleshoot other types of aircons at home.

#2 Contact the Specialists

For any troubles with your aircon, contact the specialists. See if your local Fujitsu general contractor or Fujitsu general resource center can repair your unit if it is still under warranty. But for the best aircon services in Singapore, contact us now!

Common Flash Error Codes

LED Error Code Meaning
1 flash Communication error (Indoor unit – Outdoor unit)
2 flash Discharge pipe temperature sensor
3 flash Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (outlet) sensor
4 flash Outdoor temperature sensor
5 flash Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (mid) sensor
6 flash Discharge pipe temperature abnormal
7 flash Compressor temperature sensor
8 flash Heat sink temperature sensor
9 flash Pressure switch abnormal
10 flash Compressor temperature abnormal
12 flash IPM error
13 flash Compressor rotor position cannot detect
14 flash Compressor cannot operate
15 flash Outdoor fan abnormal (upper fan)
16 flash Outdoor fan abnormal (lower fan)
5 sec on/ 0.1 sec off repeat PAM voltage abnormality
5 sec on/ 1 sec off repeat Protect operation
5 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat PFC surge protection (permanent stop)
5 sec on/ 5 sec off repeat Fan malfunction
2 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat CT abnormality
2 sec on/ 5 sec off repeat Compressor temperature protection (permanent stop)
1 sec on/ 1 sec off repeat Pump down operation
0.5 sec on/ 0.5 sec off repeat Current surge protection
0.1 sec on/ 0.1 sec off repeat Thermistor malfunction
0.1 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat Compressor position detection malfunction
off No error

*See our full list of Fujitsu air conditioner error codes here.

Maintaining Your Fujitsu Air Conditioner

Maintaining your AC unit has never been easier than with Luce Aircon. AC services are tailored to match each popular aircon brand and model across Singapore, so you can be sure we'll get to the bottom of the problem! Upkeep your Fujitsu AC, and say good riddance to all those pesky aircon issues!

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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