Daikin vs. Mitsubishi: Aircon Comparison Review

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The majority of people living in Singapore spend about 60 percent of their electricity bills on air conditioning. That is obvious and understandable because this is an island nation with a hot and humid climate. Air conditioners have long become a necessity for homes and offices rather than a luxury item. You can find them everywhere with a variety of types and features suitable for each user.

Among the countless brands of air conditioners and various reputable manufacturers, Daikin and Mitsubishi are the two most prominent. In fact, these are the two recognizable brands that are most commonly used in both living spaces and corporate offices.

However, choosing a brand new aircon is not as quick as you might think. When choosing the right air conditioner, people will consider factors such as brand reputation, cooling performance, price, economic features, etc., to match users' needs. 

Daikin vs. Mitsubishi: What’s the Best Aircon Brand?

When Daikin and Mitsubishi are proposed, both will confuse you and make it difficult to decide. Daikin and Mitsubishi are famous brands for high-quality products, competitive prices, outstanding performance, and incredible durability. In addition, both carriers have reliable networks of customer care, maintenance, and repair.

With these smart features and suggestions, you often wonder if Daikin or Mitsubishi is right for you. This is a huge challenge when your consideration is limited to only two of the most prestigious brands. 

Lucky for you, that challenge will be over because we will help you compare as well as give a detailed analysis of the features of Daikin and Mitsubishi Aircon to help you make an informed decision for your next purchase.

Daikin Vs. Mitsubishi Air Conditioners: Fast Fact & Characteristics

Daikin Aircon

  1. Daikin Aircon is a leader in the business and manufacturing of refrigeration and air conditioning. With a series of different patents, the company has asserted its position in Southeast Asia and around the world.
  2. Daikin has earned the trust and trust of customers around the globe over the years. This brand is also known as the second-largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world by continuously producing high-quality air conditioning units of various types and designs.
  3. Particularly in the Singapore market, Daikin is ranked as the best-selling air conditioner brand in the country. With products for air conditioners and air conditioners for the home and office, it has surpassed the competitors in the famous air-conditioning industry that has long been in the market.
  4. Top-quality and long life are positive reviews when customers comment on Daikin's products. All of these products can be used for a long time, and rarely have problems and failures, creating convenience and pleasing to users.
  5. Daikin has won several awards from the industry, making it one of the market's most highly recognized and valued brands. Many of these awards take product efficiency, enhancement of the system, and customer loyalty into account.
  6. In the air conditioning market, Daikin products are manufactured using only the best quality products. Thorough and robust development processes allow the brand to produce industry-approved goods on an ongoing basis, focusing on longevity and operational efficiency.
  7. As one of the world's leading producers of energy-saving air conditioners, Daikin is also known for its massive sales. This is because Daikin systems are developed and produced primarily to have the highest performance and cooling consistency while using as little energy as possible.
  8. It is not rare for customers to choose to purchase equipment from this brand when they are offered comparatively low energy consumption compared to other rivals.

Mitsubishi Aircon

  1. Mitsubishi is considered one of the oldest brands in Japan, built and developed for many centuries. Mitsubishi was founded in 1870 by Mr. Yataro Iwasaki in Tokyo, Japan, and started as a shipping company. Over time, Mitsubishi is now a corporation present in more than 80 countries and 500 subsidiaries with 350,000 workers around the world.
  2. Mitsubishi is a leading brand in technology in Japan with convenient and smart products, most notably air conditioning products.
  3. The biggest plus of the Mitsubishi air-conditioning system is its ability to maintain constant air measurement.
  4. Mitsubishi air-conditioners can continuously maintain consistent airflow under different heat load conditions, cooling quickly, efficiently, and easily. Mitsubishi air-conditioning produces stable airflow and high quality, contributing to uniform cooling in any space. This creates comfort and convenience - one of the deciding factors for a customer's purchase.
  5. Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioner is one of the air-conditioning series with a quiet, no-noise engine during use. This is one of the product's outstanding advantages that you should pay attention to.
  6. During operation, the maximum noise that Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners can generate is 43db. The reason for this is because the product has a consistent and stable design.
  7. In particular, the Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioner is the first to be equipped with a shock cage inside the air conditioner. Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioner also works quieter thanks to the application of inverter technology.
  8. Thanks to its noise-free cooling feature, this brand is the first choice for homes, offices, meeting rooms, halls, hospitals, cafes, etc.
  9. With large halls and rooms, Mitsubishi air conditioning is the ideal choice. To cool quickly, its air conditioners take 5 to 7 minutes to cool the room to ambient temperature. However, this also depends on the air conditioner's capacity and the overall size of the office space.
  10.  Mitsubishi and Daikin are arguably two of the finest air conditioner producers in the market, with both quality product characteristics and outstanding brand ratings. But, the question remains: what's the right type of air conditioner for you?

6 Reasons to Choose Mitsubishi Aircon

The Mitsubishi Aircon system has gained the trust and recommendation of customers worldwide. Here are 6 factors for picking the Mitsubishi Aircon system, showing energy savings and operability in the installation of air conditioning systems:

1. Energy efficiency

Inverter technology with a variety of purposes is also applied to most Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioners by the brand. Although many air-conditioners are applied, for Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning products that save electricity, 2 main technologies are applied: Econo Cool and PAM Control. Econo Cool is a pulse amplitude modulation technology, while PAM Control is a smart saving technology.

 The application will ensure input power is used up to 98% more efficiently. Thanks to that, it can be used efficiently to avoid loss like previous engine operations. Econo Cool technology also contributes to saving energy for Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioners up to 20%. The total amount of energy that can be saved when applying inverter technology is quite high.

2. User health protection system

It can be said that Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner is a product line that puts the protection of the health of users first. Together with creating a fresh air source, Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioners are equipped with additional supporting technologies to enhance the protection of users' health, such as Enzyme filter, and Nano Platinum filter.

These are two of the modern new technologies that have optimal effects in creating a clean, safe, and effective standard air source for users. Enzyme filters work to remove most allergens such as pollen, dirt, etc.

Thanks to these enzymes, bacterial embryos are obtained. They will be retained at the filter membrane, preventing further diffusion. Membrane Enzyme will be one factor contributing to creating a fresh air source that makes the body feel comfortable and comfortable.

Especially those with allergic diseases. Particularly, the Nano Platinum filter has an effective antibacterial and deodorizing function. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner uses Platinum-Ceramic to ensure the effectiveness of this feature. This filter is rated for higher dust collection efficiency than today's conventional filters.

3. Maintenance is no longer a concern

Repairs and maintenance of air conditioning are also very pricey. Therefore, when faced with unforeseen issues and maintenance, investing in a costly yet reliable air conditioner will benefit you well in the long run. 

The machines are considered to be easy to manage when it comes to Mitsubishi Aircon systems. Mitsubishi Aircon is superior when compared to other firms based on the system's reliability and longevity.

4. High durability

As you might have seen, by offering high-quality and reliable air-conditioning equipment, Mitsubishi has built a reputation for itself. Additionally, for a long time, the company has also created some of the best home and living devices.

As one of the brand's major selling points, durability offers protection and convenience for air conditioning users, avoiding the risk of loss and abrupt repairs. Mitsubishi also provides an outstanding warranty that assures the right to restore and service any air conditioner buyer in the event of faults and malfunctions.

5. High Reliability

Mitsubishi Aircon goes beyond the substantial need for reliability with its customer service approach and high product quality. Every component of the air conditioning system has been custom-engineered with precision and technology to allow the unit to operate and perform at its best in residential and commercial areas.

The capability to adjust to the weather is another key pattern of Mitsubishi Aircon. The devices have been seen to handle all kinds of weather-related issues regardless of the environment and temperature in a location. 

Another excellent feature? In 5-degree increments, these air conditioning systems can provide heating, proving to be a flexible feature that enables owners to play with many heating levels.

6. Compliment from experts

The aircon brand's standard can also be assessed, in addition to customer-backed performance ratings and reviews, through recognition by industry experts. How are you evaluating this? Check out the official feedback of aircon reviewers and industry experts while browsing the air carrier product page.

Mitsubishi Aircon has done very well in this area, regularly attracting praise from experts and even clients. Just three of the many good things that reviewers appreciate about products are quality, durability, and customer support.

You can also check our full review of Mitsubishi aircons here.

6 Reasons to Choose Daikin Aircon

1. Fast cooling with the Coanda effect

The Coanda effect is a phenomenon discovered by the aerodynamic physicist Henri Coanda. When a stream of air moves on a curved surface, the stream of air moves in a straight direction. This effect is related to the life force as the airflow moves through the wing in a curved shape.

With this effect, Daikin can cool the room quickly and distribute cold air evenly, circulating to cool large rooms in a short time. In addition, the Coanda effect also allows Daikin to increase air circulation in the room. 

With the feature of wind circulation and preventing temperature differences in large spaces, the Coanda effect with 2 windways will help the cold air flow be pushed up easily without worrying about obstructions.

2. Smart technology creates comfort and convenience for users

Smart Eye is a Daikin technology that uses infrared sensors to locate the user. From there, it can customize the wind direction to or away from the user, giving you comfort.

Simultaneously, intelligent magic eyes also help air conditioner Daikin recognize the user's movements in the room. When determining in a room without any movement for 20 minutes, Daikin will automatically increase by 2 degrees Celsius above the set temperature.

With intelligent divine eyes, if there is no human movement for 20 minutes, Daikin will increase the temperature, reducing electricity wastage when there are no people in the room.

Simultaneously, thanks to recognizing the user's location, Daikin air conditioners will be able to customize the direction of the wind near or far away in the user's direction for maximum comfort. At the same time, as soon as motion is detected in the room, Daikin will automatically lower the temperature, so you feel cool quickly.

With position detection, Daikin will adjust the wind direction to not blow directly at the user, making you feel uncomfortable because it is too cold. Thanks to the above advantages, smart magic eye technology can give your family the ability to relax more comfortably.

3. Aircon Market Leader

Daikin is renowned as Singapore's leading brand of air conditioners. The recognized brand is to manufacture air-conditioning systems of high quality using the most modern processes and innovations. In fact, to reduce the impact the products have on the environment, the brand uses eco-friendly green energy techniques. Although producing all types of air conditioners in the region, the brand meets ethical standards and procedures.

4. Keep the air fresh and clean

Daikin air conditioners are known to use technology that helps minimize the possibility of dangerous substances entering, in addition to keeping you feeling cool and comfortable at any moment of the day. 

The air you breathe and feel indoors is a lot cleaner than for other brands by eliminating all the possible dangers from the outside air. Besides, this technology prevents all kinds of odor and smoke from the humid outdoor air, rendering it better ventilated for the air you breathe inside. This will also lower the risk of your curtains, towels, and pillowcases collecting dust.

5. Creating no noise during operation

Not only does loud air conditioning interrupt your decent night's sleep, but due to lack of sleep, it can also adversely affect your mood and productivity throughout the day. The situation when the unit is too loud is almost not possible with the Daikin aircon. These machines, as silent as a gentle press, are known to render 22db. 

Daikin has also been awarded by industry experts in this respect, commending the brand's ability to provide owners with reduced noise with a more outstanding air conditioning experience.

6. Excellent customer service after-sales

Its outstanding after-sales service is one of Daikin's best selling points. In terms of overall customer responsiveness and management, their new worldwide customer service services network is arguably the strongest in competition with other aircon brands. Since Singapore is a country with many aircon owners, it is impossible to escape many customer service issues.

However, consumers can still reach them via a hotline since a customer service network has been created. To guarantee air conditioning system productivity, their customer reps are on hand to offer answers to product queries, repair concerns, and even performance changes owners may make.

You can also check our full review of Daikin aircons here.

The Verdict: Choosing Between the Two

Whether you choose Daikin or Mitsubishi depends on your criteria as a home or office owner. If you want to choose reliability and appreciation, then the Mitsubishi Aircon is a perfect choice. However, if you want to expand features, or in other words, want yourself to have a wide variety of high-quality options, Daikin Aircon will be your best choice.

Luce Aircon is a trusted Singaporean air conditioning servicing and repair company. As a result of our technicians' years of experience, we can operate with a variety of air conditioner models! You can rely on us to identify and address the problem.

1000+ Reviews
All our happy customers can’t be wrong! Let us take care of your home cleaning need.
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